Who are you?

I’m Mattie. I’m a very private and secretive person. That’s it really.

What’s the point of this blog?

Bit of a rude way of asking… but this blog is to share new and exciting music with you.

How did You Heard It Here First begin?

Despite studying (arguably) the best music business course in the country at the University of Westminster, I quickly realised when getting to university that there was quite a lot of people who needed educating musically. I was a bit fed of people thinking that the only bands I listened to were The Strokes and The Killers so I hassled Smoke Radio to give me a weekly show where I would play new music to people who only listened to and learnt about music from XFM and daytime Radio 1. I have nothing against those stations but I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could share anything with everyone (well, my mum was the only listener) and the more shows I did, the more music I went on the hunt for. Myself and my housemates would have a couple of drinks and mess about during the show but the first rule was that the music had to be something that people may not have heard before.

So, in the words of Fred Willard (A Mighty Wind), “Wha’ happened?”

Well, I graduated didn’t I? Plus I had to allow another brilliantly handsome (and extremely modest) DJ to have a go. I was addicted to finding new music though and needed to keep on sharing it with people or I’d have probably gone insane(r). So it was only natural to blog from that point on.

Do you miss the radio show?

Yes! Waffling on about music is great fun and (unlike typing) it doesn’t hurt my fingers. I’m considering getting it back off the ground in the future though, I just need to get myself some podcasting gear. Any sponsors out there?

What do you look for in a band?

To be honest, I really don’t know. I just know if I like something. Sometimes a great band may not make sense logically yet they still make me excited. Girls Aloud being an example. I suppose it’s a bit of a cliché but I have to feel connected to it in some way or other. It’s a feeling I get that I really can’t put into words.

I’m in a band/I’m an artist, can I send you music?

Yes! I would love to hear from you. I can only spend so much time hunting for you myself. The best way is to contact me via the links in the sidebar on the main page or by dropping me a track on Soundcloud (you can do this on the main page). Come to me, my pretties!

I promise to listen to each and every one of you and review the ones I like on here. Plus, I’ve also got a load of contacts and knowledge of the music industry and I am more than willing to advise you in anyway should you need it.

Why does your blog have pink bits on it? Are you gay?

No I am not gay! Bloody cheeky. The reason for the pink is that I have no idea how to use CSS (the coding, not the band) to change it. I’m a music lover, not a computer nerd.

What sort of music are you into?

A bit of everything. I suppose the obvious answer is “NME sorta stuff” but I wouldn’t class myself as indie. I don’t like pointy shoes or skinny jeans and think that quirky songs about cups of tea are disgraceful. I like everything from metal to folk to dubstep to reggae to hip hop too… ideally, a mix of all of that but I don’t think that’s possible somehow!

What’s your favourite Beatles album?

Tough one. I’d have to say… The Best of The Beatles.

How do you find out about new music?

There’s really no shortcut. I listen to new music radio shows (Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson, John Kennedy) mostly and if I can’t listen to them, I go through their playlists.

Then there’s MySpace obviously. It can be a bit of a  nightmare at times but as long as you hear one great band every now and then, you tend to forget about the 99 other ones you’ve been disappointed by. And, believe me, that’s quite a generous ratio. Other than that, word of mouth and reading other blogs is a great way to keep my eye on the ball (or do I mean ears?). I pay no attention to MySpace charts these days because it’s very very easy to dress your band up on MySpace to be more popular than you are these days.

Want to come to our gig on such and such a date?

I’m always willing to come and check you out if you’re in a band so feel free to get in touch. I can’t promise that I will be able to make it but if you’re good enough, I’ll find the time. Or the time will find me.

What do you think of The X Factor and what not?

Brilliant business model. Simon Cowell is a genius. That is all. What do I think of it musically? Not my cup of meat, thanks.

What’s the best/worst gig you’ve ever been to?

It’s always difficult to pick the best gig I’ve ever been to because something as enthusiastic as me will usually say that any good gig I go to is the “best gig ever”. That said, there are a few that stand out – Mogwai headlining Reading in 2001, Doves at the Scala the week ‘Lost Souls’ came out, Radiohead at Glastonbury in 2003, Arcade Fire at Alexander Palace in 2007 and Them Crooked Vultures last December (jaw open the whole time).

Worst gig ever? Believe it or not, it was Bob Dylan last year. Terrible performance. Terrible venue. Terrible sound. Terrible seats. I’ve not really been able to listen to him in the same way since. I cried when I got in from that gig!

What advice would you give to somebody wanting to work in the music industry?

Trust no-one and never give up.

What’s the best thing about going to a gig?

Volume. There’s nothing better than ‘feeling’ music. As Bob Marley once said: “When music hits you, you feel no pain”. I couldn’t agree more.

Besides music, what else are you interested in?

Football. I’m an Arsenal fan. Have been since I was 7. I’ve had some great times supporting them and some very bad times. As well as that, you may notice from my Twitter page that I like to make puns a lot of time.

What the hell was up with the ending of the Sopranos?

The way I saw it, Tony died. I won’t go into it but there’s soooo many clues as to why. I think it’s the perfect ending. Although, rumours are that a film is in the pipeline, so I’m going to be seriously wrong if that’s true!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Y’know, I have a serious love of Elton John’s back catalogue! And no, that’s not a euphemism! 

Can I ask you another question?

Nope. That’s your lot. Just email me. Safe.


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