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6 Jan

You may recall that I wrote about Modestep last summer and spoke of their kerfuffle with EMI regarding an Enya clearance that they tried to get. EMI tried to shut them down completely. Well, how they must be feeling now. Since then, Modestep’s popularity has grown at an alarming rate. With no releases and just a couple of DJ sets here and there, they have managed to gain almost 30,000 fans on Facebook off their own back.

Cee Le Green – Fuck You (Modestep remix)

The video (see below) for their debut single ‘Feel Good’ was posted up as a Christmas treat for fans and was viewed by over one million people in less than a week. Hats off.

Since then, they have been placed on the Radio 1 playlist and are gaining fans across the world quicker than you can say “wobble-wobble”. Their debut single is available to download on February 7th on UKF (a dubstep YouTube channel-cum-label that signed the band). Watch it explode!

Does the music make you feel good?



The Bat Caves

3 Aug

The Bat Caves are a brand new quartet from Seattle. So new, in fact, that there’s very little I can tell you about them at this moment in time. Apart from the fact that they sound fresh, exciting and full of raw energy – which is what all new bands should sound like really. Think cardigans and Pavement. I don’t mean the band Cardigans by the way. I mean of the clothing variety.

Check them out and earn the right to brag when they become massive and/or too cool for you to go and see them unless you are a pretentious wearer of winklepickers.

For a first demo, this is pretty damn special. Ones to watch, as a certain denim company would say.

The Bat Caves – I’m Gone


Cloud Control

3 Aug

A lot of the music that I’ve been digging lately is happy, smiley and positive music. I haven’t had a night of whiskey, wallowing and Wyan Adams for a very long time now. God forbid that I’m turning into a cheery person who thinks everything is great. Those people really irritate me.

Anyway, Cloud Control are a bunch of three Australian chaps and one chapette. Is chapette a word? Well, seeing as it’s my blog, yes it is. Don’t argue. As is becoming very common with me lately, they are a band that will make you smile. There are no minor chords involved and it is a well-known fact that minor chords equal depression. Don’t research it or anything, it is true. Trust me.

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to catch them when they were in the UK but here’s hoping that they’ll come back again very soon!  You will like this band. That’s all that needs to be said really. OK? Good. Bye!

Cloud Control – Gold Canary



2 Aug

Once again, the folks across that massive sink we call the Atlantic Ocean prove yet again that us Brits really need to up our game. Imagine my surprise to discover that LA five piece GROUPLOVE are unsigned and even more surprising is that they are unknown. In a world where even the most awful bands can have attract thousands of status craving friends automatically using friend adders, GROUPLOVE only have 262 friends (261 if you exclude Tom) at the time of writing. Which is an absolute travesty.

The band are originally from all parts of the world – Crete, London and Brooklyn are all name checked in their biography but the band label the City of Angels their home and their music has a very strong ‘West Coast’ vibe to it. By that I mean that it is full of sunshine. If that makes any sense. I don’t know if I am alone in this but I often associate music with seasons. Certain bands remind me of winter and others remind me of summer. I guess that comes from the moods that one gains from those seasons – generally, I am happier in the summer and I tend to feel somewhat down in the dumps when the weather turns nasty.

GROUPLOVE’s music sounds happy and it makes me feel happy and I’m sure that when you hear them, you will feel happy too. No matter what the season.

As I say. they have very little friends on MySpace at the time of writing. Go on, make them feel special. They deserve it.



Under Alien Skies

30 Jul

Under Alien Skies a duo. Danny and David are their names. Their music is amazing. They are from Wales. They make music that reminds me of a modern day Beach Boys singing in outer space.

I listen to loads of new music to the point that, more often than not, I tend to forget about the band seconds after listening to them. Under Alien Skies on the other hand are a band that I’ve gone back to several times since hearing them – something that I view to show a band’s greatness.

Under Alien Skies – Overseas 

In an age where it’s safe to listen to our favourite music instantly on Spotify and such, it takes something truly special to pull me away from that. It can be quite painful hunting for new music at times but when there are bands making music as lovely as Under Alien Skies, it restores my faith a great deal.


Sissy & The Blisters

29 Jul

I’ll be honest, I was a little bit judgmental when I first heard about Sissy & The Blisters. My reasons were purely shallow of course, I didn’t think that any band with the word ‘sissy’ in their name could be any good. What I expected to be a band full of heartbroken nerds trying to be Death Cab For Cutie actually turned out to be a completely different beast altogether.

The band bash through visceral garage rock n’ roll with frantic energy and the confidence of a band that have been doing it for years. The songs manage to remind you of so much but also sound completely fresh.  

Sissy & The Blisters – Things May Change

The London town quartet are rapidly gaining a strong buzz among the pointy shoe brigade – you might want to check them out while there’s still some floor space available at their gigs. A person in winklepickers takes up the places of two normal shoe wearing people. And that my friends is a fact.


Family Trees

12 Jul

Ah, Brooklyn. Lovely Brooklyn. I’m talking about the city and not David Beckham’s son. That would be a sick blog even for the likes of me.

I’ve said it many times but there really must be something in the NYC water because time and time again it produces such wonderful music. Granted, I’m sure there are a lot of bands in the city that are utter tripe but at the same time, there just seems to be a constant flow of great music coming from there as it always has done.

Family Trees are no different – a trio who hold microphones, the Beach Boys and the word “yes” aloft as influences. Dream Talkin’ is a lovely summer song that’s a song that has been sitting on my iPod for a couple of months now and it’s one that I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while. It sounds like how I imagine a summer in the 1960s would’ve sounded – when the world seemed so much simpler, happier and positive. My only gripe? It’s too bloomin’ short.

Family Trees – Dream Talkin’

I dare you to listen to it and not smile. I bet you an ice cream that you can’t do it.


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