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6 Jan

You may recall that I wrote about Modestep last summer and spoke of their kerfuffle with EMI regarding an Enya clearance that they tried to get. EMI tried to shut them down completely. Well, how they must be feeling now. Since then, Modestep’s popularity has grown at an alarming rate. With no releases and just a couple of DJ sets here and there, they have managed to gain almost 30,000 fans on Facebook off their own back.

Cee Le Green – Fuck You (Modestep remix)

The video (see below) for their debut single ‘Feel Good’ was posted up as a Christmas treat for fans and was viewed by over one million people in less than a week. Hats off.

Since then, they have been placed on the Radio 1 playlist and are gaining fans across the world quicker than you can say “wobble-wobble”. Their debut single is available to download on February 7th on UKF (a dubstep YouTube channel-cum-label that signed the band). Watch it explode!

Does the music make you feel good?



Erik Mongrain

8 Nov

For those that didn’t see Later with Jools Holland on Friday you’d have missed Erik Mongrain’s performance of Airtap – which had me baffled, stunned and mesmerised.

Pretty cool huh? I do believe he’s on a UK tour at the moment. One to check out perhaps?

Gaggle – Crows

21 Sep

I wrote about these lot a few months back and I’ve just found this video on YouTube of them recording ‘Crows’ in a live session for Radio 1 at Maida Vale.

They’re not in their usual attire of gypsy robes but you can see why they’ve been winning over so many fans in the past couple of months.

I love them and so should you!

More Them Crooked Vultures videos surface…

21 Aug

I know I am writing a lot about this band (even more so than their official website is) but I am very excited about the Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones supergroup.

Anyway, they’ve now played three shows and things seem to be picking up somewhat. The first week, we had nothing but a link to buy a t-shirt. Now, slowly but surely, music is starting to appear and all of what I’ve heard sounds great. I can’t remember the last time I have even been so excited about something musical.

Here’s a couple of vids from YouTube of the band playing at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium (not perfect quality but you can still hear the awesome-ness):

And for those of you that want something more official:

I’ve also heard a lot of rumours that they are playing a show in London on Monday (August 24th) at Islington Academy, however, nothing has been confirmed by official sources as of yet. Should that turn out to be true, I am pretty sure that they will play Reading and Leeds next weekend too (28th, 29th and 30th).

Dave Grohl has often gone on record to say how much he loves Reading and was due to play a secret show with the Foos in 2007 but had to pull out due to illness. Let’s not forget the first ever UK Foo Fighters show was at Reading in 1995. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this happened again with Them Crooked Vultures – and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was way more chaotic. 

Watch this space as the saying goes.   



Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters supergroup is go!

5 Aug

The highly anticipated rock supergroup consisting of John Paul Jones, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl now has a name. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Them Crooked Vultures

You may remember I wrote about the story a month or so ago – it was a bit light on detail granted, all I had to go on was a brief quote by Josh’s wife Brody (ex-Distillers, now Spinnerette) but it’s something that a lot of people are really really buzzed about.

This has got to be one of the most exciting projects to ever exist. 

 And rightly so, the 2001 Queens of the Stone Age record ‘Songs For The Deaf’ is one of my favourite albums of all time and as you all know, features Dave Grohl on drums. It’s a ferocious record and it’s one that I don’t think QOTSA have sinced matched. So it’s very exciting to think that those two will be locking horns again. And that’s before I even talk about the legend that is JPJ! 

Led Zeppelin have made some of the best rock albums of all time – inspired millions of bands and in my opinion, never been beaten. So for all three of these guys to be recording a record together…. well, it makes me hard!

Apparently, they are playing a show in Chicago at the Metro this coming Sunday (August 9th). What a fucking hot ticket that will be! There are also talks about a UK tour in the near future with the album to come hopefully by the end of the year! 

There’s no music up on their MySpace page as of yet but make no mistake, I am all over this and will report back as soon as I get any news!

According to this poster, the album (entitled ‘Never Deserved the Future’) is going to be released on October 23rd.

I am not sure where this poster came from so it may be a fake. It looks pretty genuine though! Don’t you just love music on days like this?!!!

In other news, I’ve read a few articles recently that claim that Josh Homme has been in contact with Mike Patton! However, this could be a completely different project – after all, it’s been a while since the last Desert Sessions album so maybe it’s for that!


Cymbals Eat Guitars

8 Jul

You may remember last week, I posted a bunch of bands from New York  that I recommended you all check out well I decided that Cymbals Eat Guitars are so good that they should have their own post.

So who are they? Well, Cymbals Eat Guitars are a beautifully epic and anthemic indie rock quartet from Staten Island and when I say indie, I actually mean it. They are the very true definition of indie – their breathtaking debut album ‘Why There Are Mountains’ is self funded and self released. And you can really sense the honesty that the band portray. With no record company bosses breathing down their neck telling them to write radio friendly unit shifters, the band have complete freedom in their creativity and you can really sense that when you listen to them. As well as that, you feel a sense of freedom that you have the almighty power to do anything. Although, remember kids, you can’t fly. So don’t even try.

Cymbals Eat Guitars have more hooks than a prize winning fishermen’s tackle box and their uplifting  floaty indie pop is something that I think you should all embrace into your lifes. 

The band, who played at the ICA last night, are in London all this week playing the following shows:

Tonight – Camden Barfly, Tomorrow – Brixton Windmill, Friday – Pure Groove (in store), Saturday – Proud Galleries.


For fans of: Pavement, Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, The Joy Formidable, The Flaming Lips and My Bloody Valentine

Glastonbury 2009

24 Jun

Sadly, I am not able to make the trip down to Somerset this year but for those of you that are going, here’s a selection of bands to go and see away from the main stages that will make your weekend!

The Temper Trap, Q Tip, Micachu & The Shapes, The Big Pink, The Invisible, Rogues, Yr Ods, Golden Silvers, Fight Like Apes, Fists, Easy Star All Stars, Filthy Dukes, We Have Band, General Fiasco, Kof, Wave Machines, Broken Records, Passion Pit, The Dead Weather and First Aid Kit.

Have fun! You bastards…

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