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Albums of 2010: 3 – Beach House – Teen Dream

29 Dec

Mud, mud, marvelous mud…

15 Apr

The line up for Glastonbury was officially announced last night (with a few more acts still to be announced) and I am very, very excited about it this year!

First things first, I have made a ridiculously long Spotify playlist which features tracks by pretty much every artist that has been announced so far. It’s eight hours long and rather brilliant. You can hear it by clicking here.

It’s been known for a while that the Pyramid Stage headliners will be U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder but anybody that’s been to Glastonbury before will know that unlike other UK festivals, the headliners aren’t always the reason why people go. In fact, in all the times that I’ve been to Glastonbury, I’ve rarely watched the Pyramid Stage headliners. With the exception of Stevie Wonder, I don’t think I’ll be spending much time at the Pyramid Stage this year. I think Stevie Wonder will be absolutely amazing and much like Radiohead‘s legendary slot in 1997, it’ll be a performance that people will be talking about for years to come.

I’ve seen Muse about ten times now and whilst they are an amazing live band, I feel that I would be missing out on something new and exciting elsewhere on the site if I went to see them. I’ve seen Muse play in toilet circuits right the way up to stadiums and I’ve had my fill. That said, I’m sure after the tragedy that followed their last Glastonbury performance, the band will be extra up for this one.

The same can be said of U2. I’ve seen them on their own tours several times before and I have always said that they are a band that puts on a great show – however, I can’t see how they are going to go from their ridiculous 360 production to one stage. No platforms, no mirror balls, no floating cars, no gigantic cinema screen… I don’t deny they have great anthems but considering that they’ll still be promoting their rather disappointing ‘No Line On The Horizon’ album, I think their performance will be somewhat flat until the last half an hour or so when they do the hits that everyone knows.

For me, as a new music fan, I am always more interested in seeing bands that I’ve not yet seen before and/or bands that are yet to break through. I find these performances to be more… special. If that’s the right word.

That said, I’m also really keen on seeing George “Dr Funkenstein” Clinton, Slash and The Flaming Lips (especially if they perform anything from their ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ cover album).

Also, I might be starting a rumour but with Julian Casablancas playing a solo show and a few slots on the Park Stage to be announced on the Sunday, I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, we could see a secret Strokes show?! The Park Stage is known for it after all with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Dead Weather and The Last Shadow Puppets doing shows in recent years. So who knows?

I’ve looked at the line up a lot since last night and every time I look at it, I find something new to excite me and this is before the line up for the BBC Introducing stage has been announced too, which is probably my favourite stage at Glastonbury. I remember seeing The Ting Tings play to 25 uninterested people in there in 2007 and they played last year to god knows how many thousand. Tomorrow’s bands. Today. As the saying goes. Or did I just make that saying up myself?

So here are a selection of the “lesser known” bands that you simply MUST SEE over the weekend:

Tubelord are truly special. Nobody sounds like them and they just have everything you could possibly want from a band. Energy, great songs and they are phenomenal live.

Ellen and the Escapades are playing several shows at Glastonbury this year having beaten thousands of other bands to win the Emerging Talent competition. They play a wonderful blend of folk/americana and Ellen’s voice is one that will grab you instantly. Perfect for a sunny afternoon (I hope I’m not tempting fate by saying that!) and they sound like they were made for Glastonbury.

I can’t stop listening to the latest Beach House album (‘Zebra’) and I am very interested in seeing them live. It’s beautiful floaty indie music that I think will be perfect in the Glastonbury setting.

I’m also keen to check out the progress of two of the most exciting rock bands in the country right now (Band of Skulls and Blood Red Shoes). Band of Skulls are doing what so many other UK bands have failed to do and are making serious noise in the US at the moment and Blood Red Shoes’ second record (‘Fire Like This’) is already a contender for my album of 2010. I’m looking forward to seeing two bands who are really on form right now.

And it wouldn’t be right of me to post a blog about Glastonbury and not mention some of the surprise announcements that have been made either.

Let’s not forget, Snoop Dogg! I just hope the BBC don’t make the mistake of showing him live on TV again. Remember this? Brilliant!

Glastonbury is not known for crowds bottling people off (more of a Reading thing) but if Jedward turn up to perform with Vanilla Ice could this be a first? (I can’t believe I’m posting this here, I’m really sorry!)

I could post so much more but that’ll do you for now! You can view the line up in full at www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk And the line up is great. It covers every corner of my music taste and I can’t wait.

Sadly, tickets are all but gone but there might be a few more appearing unannounced. The best thing to do is to keep your eyes and ears on the Glastonbury website. That is of course if you’ve not got one! If you have! I hope you’re excited. It is going to be spectacular. Glastonbury always is.

One thing I do ask though is that you venture to some smaller stages and make an effort to see new music. That is the best thing about festivals. Well, that and seeing naked ladies every now and then. But that goes without saying doesn’t it?

Tips for 2010 – Beach House, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Gaggle

14 Jan

Beach House

Frankie & The Heartstrings


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