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Albums of 2010: 1 – Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

31 Dec

Horse Guards Parade

3 Aug

Horse Guards Parade are a rather lovely blend of country, folk and psychedelic music from the 1960s. Think Love meets The Band or if I was to compare them to modern bands, it’d be part Coral, part Arcade Fire and part Doves. But I hate doing that when talking about bands. It’s lazy. And I’m sure the band hate being compared and pigeon holed.

The songs have a classic cinematic feel to them – like Ennio Morricone’s best work in beautifully crafted song form. Sometimes when I listen to music, I like to close my eyes and let my imagine be controlled by the sounds I am hearing. When listening to Horse Guards Parade – in my head, I could picture an empty Pacific Coast Highway at sunset with an absolutely mesmerizing view of the west coast surrounding the Ford Mustang I am driving. The freedom of the ocean in full view to one side of me with glow of the approaching city in the horizon. Or the imagery of ‘Fear and Loathing’ without the drug cocktail induced insanity. 

The first listen was amazing and they just get better and better in my opinon. I know I get excited by so much music but it’s so hard not to when there’s music out there that is this good. And by good, I mean really fucking good.

‘As The Plane Lifts It’s Wheels’ sounds like a hidden track from a Tarantino film soundtrack and ‘This City Is On Fire’ sounds nothing like it’s title would expect – it’s an overwhelmingly stunning piece of music that I think will be on my late night iTunes playlist for quite some time.

Spindle & Wit

23 Jul

With a vibe similar to the likes of Danny and The Champions of the World, Jack Green & The Band of Thieves and Kill It Kid (who I interviewed on here last year), Spindle & Wit are a five piece post indie folk act from London who originate from both Wales and Denmark – a rather strange thought when you consider there’s not really a common bond between the two countries. I do recall Craig Bellamy scoring the winner in an international friendly between the two nations at the end of last year but I am digressing somewhat here aren’t I?

Nevertheless, the four males and one lady that make up Spindle & Wit are a fresh and interesting sounding bunch of scallywags with Slow Club-esqe vocal harmonies and whimsical lyrics held together by shuffling pirate drumming, a fiddler – I mean the instrument of course, not a sex offender – then again, you can’t tell with some people can you? Anyway, I’m going off topic again aren’t I? 

I’m also told that the banjo player Charlie learnt to play the banjo with one hand as he had a broken arm at the time of learning. I’m not sure if the rest of the band have to constantly break his arm or whether or not  he’s learnt to play with two hands – either way, that’s dedication for you boys and girls!

In a world where it’s common and cool for trendy rich kids to dress like tramps and make music for the people – very few have conviction. The songs are an after thought with some. Spindle & Wit on the other hand are one of the bands in the crazy London circus that I sense honesty from. Their songs have the ability to cleanse me in a way that the likes of Arcade Fire manage and praise doesn’t come much higher than that does it?

Ones to watch as the saying goes…  


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