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Them Crooked Vultures album out before the end of the year…

10 Oct

Everything has been very hush hush with TCV. Dave Grohl said that he had to keep it a secret for eight months and all we’ve really had from them officially up to now is a few YouTube teasers lastly no longer than a minute.  Their shows towards the end of the summer were all kept under wraps (although, there are some good quality fan videos on YouTube now) and the band themselves have been very mysterious about their plans.

However, in a recent interview, Josh Homme said that it “should be out by the end of the year” and that JPJ said “there will be music, don’t you worry!” Josh Homme also announced that the record will be released on Interscope in the US and Sony BMG worldwide.

Here’s an interview with Dave Grohl at the Austin City Limits festival where he talks briefly about Foo Fighters’ hiatus and how Them Crooked Vultures came about:

I still need to get myself a ticket for their UK tour. It’s going to be AMAZING!


Introducing… Royal Treatment Plant

16 Nov

I was unfortunately unable to make Royal Treatment Plant’s last gig of 2008 last night however, I thought I’d do the next best thing and email them to ask them a few standard questions just so I could get them up on this blog until I get to interview and review them properly.

The reason being that they are shit hot and it’d be a shame to not mention them until they make their live return.

And to top it all off, as well as answering a few questions via email, the band have been lovely enough to let me post an mp3 of their amazing tune “Hope Is Not Enough” on here as well. You can find this at the bottom of this post. I think this tune is epic. It’s the sort of musical noise that makes you want to drive on an empty motorway at 3am at 150mph with the lights that guide you becoming nothing but a blur. Your foot hits the floor and the speed cameras flash but do you care? No of course you don’t.

So read on, learn about a very very exciting new band and then download a tune to excite your ears on this horrible winter afternoon. Now ain’t I good to you lovely people?

Who are you? Describe where you’re from and how the band came about…

We are royal treatment plant. we like haribo star mix and music. music is the shit. right now we love fleet foxes, the presets and cold war kids. our (and we quote) ‘minx in chief’ is pp, she met DJ (bass player/beatboxer/video maker of our music vids and so much more…) at a bus stop in uxbridge. it was love at first sight. they chatted, rehearsed played some acoustic gigs, got bored and wanted more friends to play with. slowly and over time royaltreatmentplant were born. Tall tom(and he really is TALL – he can see everything like giraffes do) on keyboards, Sam the man on guitar and Chris ‘hodgo’ on drums. so for about 2 years we’ve been like this, pp and the boys, gigging till we drop, writing choons, recording them and getting them to people to listen.

What got you into music? Any particular genre or artist that inspired you to become a musician?

well pp had this weird religious upbringing; seventh day adventist missionary parents, raised in the highlands of papua new guinea, not allowed to listen to non-religious/classical music, leaves her home in australia and hits london, starts to write and sing and get it all off her chest…ta da! Anyway. she’s built a bridge now so sometimes the songs arent so angry anymore.

Give me a bit of history of the band so far, any amusing stories or interesting facts?

DJ makes great watercress soup. PP once scuba dived with sharks in an aquarium. Sam is an annoyingly talented musician who plays cello. piano, guitar and can sing like and angel, really, like a real live angel. Tom loves crisps more than just about anything. Chris loves liverpool, but not more than Tom loves crisps.

Amusing stories? Tall tom once smacked PP in the head with a black cab door and gave her the biggest black eye in the world. she kind of deserved it cause a) she was very very drunk and b) she had just tried to paint over a painting in a restaurant with oil paints cause she thought it was a bit rubbish and she could do better.

Future plans looking ahead to 2009?

Well we just signed a deal with Universal records in Australia so our album Hope Is Not Enough (which we just self released here in the UK and you can get on itunes and in HMV nation wide) is coming out in Australia and New Zealand in March 2009. That’s pretty exciting. Like a real label and stuff. We’ve just finished making a video for Half As Much which will be released in the UK in January. The video is all stop motion and DJ has almost gone insane editing it as its just lots of photos that we took put together. We shot it ourselves which is why you never see the whole band in the picture. Someone had to hold the camera.

Anything else you wish to add?

Not really. Thanks for asking us to be involved in this interview thing. oh and our myspace is

pp dj sam chris tom xxx 

 Royal Treatment Plant – Hope Is Not Enough

Introducing… Kill It Kid

13 Nov

Ah… the wonders of the internet. Firstly, it gives me a key to a wonderful door. Inside the door is a endless world of new music – or as I like to call it, musical Narnia with no lions, witches or wardrobes in sight…. I sure could go for some Turkish Delight right about now mind you, but I digress…

It’s no lie that I spend hours and hours a day on the net hunting for new music and whilst this can be very tedious and soul destroying at times, every now and then a band will come along that makes it all worth it.

Being single, I should probably be out in chain pubs buying Bacardi Breezers for young ladies called Laura and Maxine who are training to be hairdressers or studying fashion but music wins I’m afraid. Sorry ladies. Now maybe if I was to meet Laura Marling it would be different but until that day happens, my first love with be hunting and discovering new music.

After hearing “Heaven Never Seemed To Close” on Kill It Kid’s MySpace page, I realised that I had found something spectacular. Having the radio show and now this blog means that I can use what I find and share it with the world. So with that in mind, I contacted Kill It Kid and asked them a few questions. Here’s what they had to say for themselves:

Who are you?                 

We are Kill It Kid:

Chris Turpin: Lead vocals and guitar
Steph Ward: Lead vocals and piano
Adam Timmins: Bass
Marc Jones: Drums and percussion
Richard Jones: Violin and backing vocals

Describe where you’re from (musically and geographically) and how the band came about…
We met studying music in University down in Bath. Chris and Ad formed an acoustic blues outfit, just the two of them, Marc approached us one night and offered up his sticks. We met the stunning Richard when he did some session work for us and Stephanie approached Chris to play in a few jazz recitals backing her…we then decided we wanted to do our own thing… in three months we had a band, that was in March.

What got you into music? Any particular genre or artist that inspired you become musicians?
We’ve been heavily influenced by early jazz and country blues, etta james, son house, reverend g.davis, and the stuff that came out in the 60s from the blues and folk revival. We felt the stuff in the charts was some how lacking, the passion of a lot of early roots music has fallen by the wayside, and we decided we wanted to sing like them.

We like modern stuff like The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, The White Stripes, Bright Eyes, Florence and the Machine ALOT!

Give me a bit of history of the band so far, any amusing stories or interesting facts?
Organised ourselves a 30 date tour the summer just gone, playing to 300 people some nights and 3 men and a dog others. First show we had was in a Bikers Bar in the midlands, we wussed out as there was about two people were there…and a border collie! Ended up skidding out of the car park and back to our B and B for bombay mix and beer….sorry Coalville!

Future plans looking ahead to 2009?
Releasing Singles in March next year, lots of touring and an album too.

Anything else you wish to add?
We have a lot of new stuff going on at the moment, more recent recordings etc head towards for more info.

Kill It Kid are a band to watch fo’ sho.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? interview

9 Nov
James from Does It Offend You, Yeah? spoke to me before the band’s recent gig at the Electric Ballroom to talk about the band’s career to date and future plans….

“What would you say first got you into making music?”

My dad was a record producer and had his own studio. I’d hang out in the studio all the time, not to be around the music as such but just purely to hang out with my dad. I’d fall asleep at the back of the studio and stuff but when I got to 8 or 9, I started becoming interested in what he was doing. More from a production side rather than a music side.

“That’s a really young age to get involved in it….”

Yeah, I remember being at school at the time thinking, “I have no interest in any of this” but then when I got to secondary school I thought “Great! Music class!. But my knowledge was greater than anyone else’s because of my background and I was talking about Neve desks and drum machines while everyone else was….

“Playing with Casio keyboards?”

Yeah exactly! But then I dropped out and just started writing tracks. And just carried on and carried on until something happened!

“Did you start playing guitar first or did the creating come from production?”

It was more the production side definitely. I started producing bands when I was 15 and then when I got to about 20, I started getting into electronic music and started writing electronic music.

“So electronic music is your biggest influence then?”

Yeah I guess. I mean, I love band stuff just as much but I think because there’s more of a PRODUCTION aspect to electronic music it attracts me more. But I’m into both.

“One of the things that I think makes you stand out is the fact that you fit in to both the dance genre and rock genre….”

Well one of my biggest influences is obviously The Prodigy. I remember the first time I saw The Prodigy – before that point it was all underground, warehouse parties and people wearing gloves dancing on E but the first time I saw them it was like a rock gig. I thought “Wow! What is this?!”. That’s where I want to be – a rock mentality but with dance music.

“Your live show has the energy of a rock gig definitely. I saw you guys play at NW1 during the Camden Crawl….”

That was a great gig! We loved that one. We’ve done about 200 shows now and there are certain shows that stick in your head and that one was definitely one of them!

“Other electronic bands rely on visuals and samplers, where as you guys do it the old fashion way…. “

I remember when we first started out – people were saying “What are you gonna do? Are you going use laptops?” and we were saying “No no no. We want it to be like a Slipknot gig!”

We did the album the wrong way round really. We finished the album and then went into the rehearsal room to try and figure out how to play it live. And looking back, I think that was a wrong move because we ended up being better live and the live stuff is so much more heavier….

“How will that impact the next record?”

We’re gonna do things differently next time. We are definitely focusing more on the live side of things when we come to record the next record.

“How does the songwriting process work? Do you get to write on tour?”

Not really. In terms of writing, given my background, I sort of work better in a studio environment. I can do bits on my laptop but we’re not the sort of guys to write a track in a hotel room on an acoustic guitar.

“Do you guys ever jam at soundchecks?”

We do little bits. Not as much as we should. Sometimes we’ll be messing around and we’ll sort of look at each other and think: “Fucking hell, that’s really good!”

We did this MTV thing in San Francisco – what they do is stick you in a room with all your gear and you just play something. We started messing about and came up with someone amazing and the producer of the show came running over and said, “Wait wait! Can you just do something original? You’re playing a song there… we want something new. Just jam”. And we said, “That was us jamming!”

“Do you have any new tunes written?”

We’ve got a couple of things written yeah, but they’re different. I think sometimes we move a bit too fast for our own good. I’ll write something that sounds nothing like us and think it’s really good but…

“There’s a pressure to make an “album”?”

Yeah exactly. We’ve all agreed that once we finish this tour, we’re going to disappear and tell everyone not to contact us. Label, management, the lot… we just want to be left alone to muck about and come up with a new record.

“Back in Reading?”

Yeah. There’s a rehearsal studio in Reading with a bit of recording equipment in. We’re just gonna bring in our computers and just stay there for a month and a half and just write. Then we’re gonna find somewhere to record it. We want to find like an old creepy house somewhere – we don’t wanna go into a big expensive studio. As soon as you go in, the clock starts….

“Sometimes a big studio brings pressure and records sound rushed….”

Exactly! I totally hear that in our album. It’s funny, the first half of the album was done before we got picked up and then we had a year of writing where nothing came out.

“What tunes did you have before you came to record the album?”

We had Battle Royale, Weird Science, We Are Rockstars, Dawn of the Dead and Doomed Now. Then we got picked up and we had the idea to go away and do what we want to do this time but the label and management were on the phone every day….

“It has to be natural doesn’t it?”

Yeah. I mean there are techniques to writing songs. It got to the last month before we HAD to deliver and we got in touch with Elliot James and he took us into the studio and we wrote the last half of the album in two weeks. So recording the album was really weird – we recorded the first half in a few weeks, then had a massive gap of about a year where nothing came out and then recorded the rest of the album in the last James Rushent - Does It Offend You, Yeah?two weeks! But we learnt so many lessons from making it. When you’re in an expensive studio, every second costs money. That’s on your head. Then you’ve got the label and management calling you up. That’s on your head. So with the next one it’s gonna de done in our own time as cheaply as possible….

“It gives you the freedom with no pressure…”

Well yeah! That’s where music comes from. There’s a great book it’s called “Inside the Music” and there’s a bit in it that talks about a young violinist who was really good and was taken into a room full of music students – the lights were on and there was obviously a bit of pressure. He told her to play this piece. Afterwards, he asked her how the piece sounded to the girl and she said it sounded “sparse”. So he then told her to purely think of something sparse and to completely forget about her surroundings and the piece itself. As soon as she stopped thinking about what she was playing and started to imagine the piece as an object she played it 100 times better. When you remove that pressure of “I’ve got to write! I’ve got to write!” that’s when music comes out.

“You can really lose yourself in music. Do you ever get moments where you feel trapped in a bubble?”

Yeah definitely. I remember hearing a story about some journalist going up to David Bowie once after a gig asking him how he thought it went. He replied with “I have no idea. You tell me.” And it’s like that for me sometimes. Sometimes I’ll be sitting backstage before we soundcheck and think “have we been here before?”. It’s the same with people as well. You can meet them and spend all night talking to them but the next time you see them you don’t remember their name or even talking to them. You feel like an arsehole. You’re not that sort of person but everything sort of blends into one definitely.

“Do the remixes give you a fresh input?”

Not really. I don’t particularly like doing remixes. We did a few in the early days but we didn’t want to label ourselves as being a remix band you know? We kind of wanted to get away from that. Just to prove a point. The thing about electronic music is that it’s quite a scene-based thing. Everyone was expecting a British version of the Justice album and when we didn’t do what they wanted I think some people in the press got a bit pissed off.

Justice will survive but a lot of bands that cling to the electro thing will fall through the cracks and we don’t want to be chucked in with everyone else. We’re not the originators of it and we’ll just go down with the ship. We said to ourselves very early on – let’s just do what we wanna do and not be forced into doing what’s expected of us.

“Bands that are keen to progress as musicians and are career focused tend to be the ones that last longer…”

That’s true. We’ve always wanted to be a band like Talking Heads. Every album they recorded sounded like Talking Heads but at the same time, each record they made kind of progressed and sounded completely different from the one before. That’s the kind of band we want to be. I mean, look at Radiohead. When they first started out they were a pretty standard indie band. “Pablo Honey” is a good album but it’s miles away from what they’re doing now. You can’t touch them anymore. It’s a case of “just don’t even try” with Radiohead now.

“They got to where they got by playing live and developing as musicians…”

Touring’s really important definitely. I mean, it’s hard work but we want to be one of those bands that does it the old fashion way and considering how far we’ve come on this tour alone – it’s exciting to think where we’ll be in a few years from now.

“It’s kicking off for you guys in America. Is it bigger over there than it is over here?”

It’s overtaken I guess. We’re happy as Larry about it! They just seem to like it. I think the thing in this country is that everything comes down to what the NME say and they write a lot about how a band look and stuff like that. Where as, I think, in America, people just listen to music for the right reasons.

“You guys were perfect support for Nine Inch Nails. How was that?”

Trent’s very picky so we were over the moon to be asked to support them! He was emailing us personally and it was a great experience being on that tour. It was a shame that we had to cancel the shows we had to cancel to do Reading and Leeds but he was totally understanding about it. He’s a really great guy and those shows were a total inspiration.

 Does It Offend You, Yeah? have just been announced as main support for The Prodigy at Brixton Academy on December 13th and their debut album “You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into”
is out now.

Kings of Leon interview at Glastonbury 2008

5 Jul


I was ever so lucky enough to grab a quick ten minutes with Caleb on Friday afternoon at Glastonbury back in June just a few hours before they headlined the Pyramid Stage…

– So, how does it feel to be headlining Glastonbury?

This festival has been good to us over the years – our very first festival performance was here in 2003 and the following year we played at sunset just before Oasis. And this year… when you look out there, it doesn’t come much bigger. So with all that in mind, we’re excited but I wouldn’t lie if I said we weren’t nervous.

– Do you have any pre-gig rituals to calm your nerves?

We usually try to stay as sober as possible before the show but do tend to drink as we play meaning by the end, we’re usually pretty wasted!

– Is there anybody on the line up that you’d like to check out?

MGMT’ are really cool. Jay-Z for sure. I’d like to see My Morning Jacket but we’re not here on Sunday unfortunately. I’d definately see them if I was here.

– You say you’re not here for the whole weekend, how long are you on site for?

Well, we’re heading to Switzerland tomorrow so it’s going to be a pretty whistle stop visit but we do intend to celebrate tonight. It was Nathan’s (drummer) birthday yesterday and obviously we had to save our energy for tonight so I think we’ll have a double reason to celebrate later on. Hopefully!

– What have you got planned for your set tonight?

Headlining means we essentially get to play the same set that we would do on tour. Although we don’t know how many people out there have seen us before and as we’ve only got ninety minutes or so to impress, we’ll keep surprises to a minimum.

– Any new songs?

We’ve been testing a few new songs from the next record out recently and I think people can expect a few new ones tonight. We’ve been told by the BBC not to play any new songs mind you but we might squeeze in one or two!

– It doesn’t seem that long ago that Because of the Times was released and there’s already a new record on the way (Only By The Night), has this tour given you all a new lease of life?

We’ve grown as musicians over the years. We wanted to take advantage of being at our peak and I think the new record reflects that. We are all really proud of this record.

– You’ve been touring relentlessly for the past few years, any plans for a live DVD?

We’ve filmed a lot of shows on this tour which we could possibly use, but there are no definate plans in place as of yet. If we are ever to do it, we’d like to make it very special and include a whole load of extras from the early days up until now. We have always been a band that’s focus has been on playing live. It’s certainly something for the future.

– You’ve been promoting Because Of The Times for over a year now, are you not tempted to take a break?

Well, to be honest, we thought about having some time off at the end of this tour but one of the main reasons why we went back into the studio was because of tonight. We all kind of thought that we should record a new album to justify playing such a prestigious slot. As I said before, Glastonbury has been good to us over the years and we felt that turning up without new material wouldn’t be respectful enough in a way.

– A lot of bands take breaks but lack something when they come back….

That was another reason. We didn’t want to disappear for a while, come back and find out that people have forgotten about us. Or worse still, we will have forgotten how to play! Right now, we’re trying to keep the ball rollin’.

– While you’re still young and handsome?

Exactly. Haha.

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