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11 Jan

MINKS bring to the table euphoric misery. That is neither a compliment or insult. It’s a description of their sound. Here are a band that manage to sound uplifting but at the same time, leave you feeling sombre.

If I was to liken MINKS to a situation in modern life, I would say their sound is the musical equivalent of being beaten up by the most beautiful girl in the world. Being kicked in the man area hurts but at least you have a nice view to soften the blow.

There’s a chat up line for all you single people to use…

MINKS – Kusmi



6 Jan

You may recall that I wrote about Modestep last summer and spoke of their kerfuffle with EMI regarding an Enya clearance that they tried to get. EMI tried to shut them down completely. Well, how they must be feeling now. Since then, Modestep’s popularity has grown at an alarming rate. With no releases and just a couple of DJ sets here and there, they have managed to gain almost 30,000 fans on Facebook off their own back.

Cee Le Green – Fuck You (Modestep remix)

The video (see below) for their debut single ‘Feel Good’ was posted up as a Christmas treat for fans and was viewed by over one million people in less than a week. Hats off.

Since then, they have been placed on the Radio 1 playlist and are gaining fans across the world quicker than you can say “wobble-wobble”. Their debut single is available to download on February 7th on UKF (a dubstep YouTube channel-cum-label that signed the band). Watch it explode!

Does the music make you feel good?


30 Sep

Mona are one of the hottest and most talked about bands around at the moment with the likes of Zane Lowe and Fearne f*&!ing Cotton singing their praises.

It’s not hard to understand why when you hear them. More often than not, a lot of bands are hyped up because they fit into a particular scene or genre rather than their potential to be real world beaters.

Mona sound like a band ready-made for stadiums and are one of the most ambitious sounding new bands I’ve heard in quite a while. You sense that they’ll not be satisfied until they knock Bono off his egotistical perch and they sound like a band with the hunger to do exactly that.

If you’re in the big smoke, they’re playing live tonight at Rough Trade East and again tomorrow at Koko.

If you can’t make it along, fret not, I’ve no doubt that before too long they’ll be everywhere. Hopefully though, they’ll avoiding writing a huge hit about fire and sex and the music world won’t turn on them for being bloated and boring.

The Vaccines

4 Sep

Let’s face it, summer is not going to be with us for much longer. Before too long, we’ll be moaning about it being dark, cold and I’ll be digging out Sunn O))) records and sulking until the spring time. Some music makes more sense in the summer. I didn’t ‘get’ Surfer Blood until the sun came out. In January? It didn’t really match my pea coat, scarf and shivvery demeanor.

‘If You Wanna’ by The Vaccines is a tune that is perfect for the summer. It’s positive, uplifting and puts a smile on your face. My only gripe about it is that it’s too bloody short! That said, the tune is so good that I can listen to it three or four times in a row without getting tired of it – thus increasing the length.

To get your hands on it for free, click below. (I realise that as it’s a file, you aren’t getting your hands on it technically. It’s a figure of speech, people!)

The Vaccines – If You Wanna

Still Corners

19 Aug

Still Corners are a beautiful dreamy 60s shimmer pop duo from London that have songs that could calm down the most hyperactive child or most aggressive football hooligan. If the shoegaze revival is real, Still Corners are a band that would end your evening. The MBV influence is one that you might be somewhat confused about because there are no spaced out guitar overdubs swirling round your brain (if you’re listening on headphones) but the melodies are as equally haunting and soothing as C86 and the like. If I was to compare them to anybody of the modern-era, the most obvious choice would be the marvellous Trailer Trash Tracys (or TTTs if you wear wicklepickers) who are part of the uber-cool No Pain In Pop.

The one struggle for me as a “journalist” or “blogger” is putting an emotional response into words that convey the love I have for great music. It is very much a cliched thing to say but you really do have to listen to the music and let it speak for itself.

To hear more tracks, I encourage you to check out their MySpace and if you’ve got some money to spend this Friday night, go to their 7″ launch at The Drop in Stoke Newington (or “Stokie” as it’s known amongst the kids these days). If you do go, you will gain lots of cool points. Gain enough of them and they can be redeemed so that you can be served a drink at The Old Blue Last without being looked down upon and believe you me, that is something that money simply can’t buy.

The Bat Caves

3 Aug

The Bat Caves are a brand new quartet from Seattle. So new, in fact, that there’s very little I can tell you about them at this moment in time. Apart from the fact that they sound fresh, exciting and full of raw energy – which is what all new bands should sound like really. Think cardigans and Pavement. I don’t mean the band Cardigans by the way. I mean of the clothing variety.

Check them out and earn the right to brag when they become massive and/or too cool for you to go and see them unless you are a pretentious wearer of winklepickers.

For a first demo, this is pretty damn special. Ones to watch, as a certain denim company would say.

The Bat Caves – I’m Gone

Cloud Control

3 Aug

A lot of the music that I’ve been digging lately is happy, smiley and positive music. I haven’t had a night of whiskey, wallowing and Wyan Adams for a very long time now. God forbid that I’m turning into a cheery person who thinks everything is great. Those people really irritate me.

Anyway, Cloud Control are a bunch of three Australian chaps and one chapette. Is chapette a word? Well, seeing as it’s my blog, yes it is. Don’t argue. As is becoming very common with me lately, they are a band that will make you smile. There are no minor chords involved and it is a well-known fact that minor chords equal depression. Don’t research it or anything, it is true. Trust me.

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to catch them when they were in the UK but here’s hoping that they’ll come back again very soon!  You will like this band. That’s all that needs to be said really. OK? Good. Bye!

Cloud Control – Gold Canary

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