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The HeebieJeebies – Misery Guts

14 Jul

The debut single for The HeebieJeebies is called Misery Guts. I was drawn to this because, well, I can be a bit of a misery guts myself. Anyone that follows me on Twitter will know that I enjoy a good moan about anything from boredom to slow-moving people. Surprisingly though, The HeebieJeebies are not a band that one would associate with the word misery.

The Rotherham via Swindon trio play a blend of tropical indie that sounds positive, uplifting and full of summer vibes. Having been to both Rotherham and Swindon, I have no idea why this is. Both places are holes (no offence if you’re from either place) and it’s refreshing to hear a band that write music that sounds like it’s been made on the West Coast of the USA. Obvious comparisons will be made to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Born Ruffians. Which, despite being lazy journalism on my part, is true. The first Vampire Weekend record and Born Ruffians best singles respectively.

‘Misery Guts’ in particular gave me the same sense of happiness that came when I first heard Mansard Roof and Hummingbird. All around brilliance and yet another band for you to keep your eyes and ears on. Misery Guts is out on August 16th. Go and buy it you tight-fisted file loving bastards!


This really isn’t my thing but…

9 Jun

It’s ruddy bluddy brilliant! The next big thing?

Three tunes for a glorious day!

3 Jun

What glorious weather we are having today! To celebrate that, I’ve got three songs that just sound that much better when the sun’s out. Hell, even if it’s raining buckets where you are, these tunes will make you feel great nevertheless. Don’t say that I’m not good to you.

You don’t have to have ice cream whilst listening to these but it helps!

Really looking forward to the first proper Best Coast record later this year. She’s unbelievable. She’s like Glasvegas if they cheered up a bit.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun is a charming Scottish singer songwriter that makes ladies melt (apparently). Not literally. That would be quite a good party trick yes but somewhat evil. Imagine the heartbreak of the girl’s parents when the policemen turn up to say: “Allo allo allo. I’m sorry but it turns out that when your daughter listens to beautiful Scottish men singing, she turns into a snowman and, due to the warm weather, she now is no more. Would you like this hat as a sympathy present?”

It wouldn’t be all doom and gloom though because the parents might mistake the beautiful Scottish man to be Paulo Nutini and seek vengeance on him instead. Every cloud. Uh, anyway…

I really didn’t know what to make of the Surfer Blood album when hearing for the first time back in December. I’ve since realised that when it’s cold and freezing, the music just doesn’t come across in the same way. It’s only since the sun has made an appearance again that I’ve realised just how good their album is.

A mate of mine said recently: “Weezer should listen to this and learn how to make good music again”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, in actual fact, I could. He’s northern. I would’ve said it in my beautiful standard English accent. Like a newsreader. Apart from that Welsh one. More like Fiona Bruce. Oooo I love Fiona!



22 Apr

1,2,3 are a new duo from across the pond (Pittsburgh to be exact) that have been drumming up a bit of a buzz in industry circles recently and it’s not hard to understand why.

Nic Snyder and Josh Sickels have only been making music for six months or so but they’ve already developed their own style and sound.  There’s something very special about them that I can’t quite put my finger on but I just have this feeling that they could soon become the coolest band around. And that’s what matters these days right? 

I don’t put music up on this blog to download very often because I don’t feel right doing so but seeing as the band have made this track available for free elsewhere, I don’t see the harm in sharing it with you here:

1,2,3 – Confetti

For more tunes, head on over to their MySpace page.

Earth, Wind & Fire get a dubstep makeover…

22 Apr

Allow me to introduce to you, a brand new London dubstep collective by the name of Modestep.

Here’s their take on a disco classic by Earth, Wind & Fire that sounds brilliant even on my laptop speakers. I can’t even begin to imagine how good it will sound on a bodysonic dance floor!

These guys have grand plans to perform live in the near future (something that is a pretty rare on the dubstep scene) and they thrive on making the filthiest music around. I won’t repeat some of the descriptions they have for their music because you may have recently eaten. If you enjoy reading filth however then become a fan of them on Facebook. Keep your eyes and ears on them. Brrrrrap.

Three’s a crowd…

22 Apr

One thing that frustrates me about myself is that I don’t blog enough. The reason for this is that I actually have no idea where to start. I am constantly searching and finding great new music to the point where, when it comes to blogging, I tend to fret about who/what to write about so much that I end up going numb and getting nothing written.  

If I was to compare it to anything, I would compare it to having Sky Digital. A load of channels and loads of your favourite shows are all on at one time and because of that, you end up either flicking through the channels watching nothing whatsoever in the process or watching tiny bits of each show for hours on end. That’s one of the downsides of having music on demand I guess, you tend to lose focus. 

Nevertheless, I’ve got some new acts to share with you. And here they are: 


I don’t have much info to share about Disclosure because they are pretty fresh on the scene. What I can tell you however is that they consist of two brothers (15 and 18) who make downbeat ambient dubstep that sounds amazingly mature considering their age. There’s only two tracks up on their MySpace at present but the potential is clear to see. They’re guys that I am going to keep a very close eye on. 

Get People 


I can’t take the credit for this one because I discovered Get People from the same person that I discovered Wild Palms from. Speaking of which, I recommend her blog to you because she has great taste. Now, enough with the arse kissing… 

Get People are also a baby band who by all accounts have just arrived on the London scene. I shouldn’t really make that sound like a bad thing though because the whole idea of this blog is to bring you bands very early on! Anyway, I digress. If you’ve read my blog before, you will know how difficult I find it to articulate how good a band is. No words can ever really explain the feeling music gives me. Call it lazy journalism but you can hear the delightful electronic pop trio on the link below! 


Unbunny have been around for a fair few years now (they’re releasing their fifth album in May!) but with a London show happening on May18th at The Enterprise, I thought I’d bring them to your attention as they’re tragically not that well known over here. 

Hailing from Seattle, they sound like a perfect blend of Neil Young, Elliott Smith and Neutral Milk Hotel. Their music is so beautifully lethargic, vulnerable and touching that I’m sure you’ll be left saying “how have I not heard these guys before?!” to yourself immediately after hearing them.

Hungry Kids of Hungary

21 Apr

When I first heard the name of these guys, I’ll be honest, I expected them to be rubbish. But, the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover” and I decided to give them a listen before dismissing them.

I was surprised because I expected them to be either a ‘silly’ band or a band who were Hungarian, and let’s face it, Hungary’s not really known for producing great bands is it? 

It turns out that they’re actually from Australia. What’s with these Australian bands and the geographical confusion that they cause? First, Philadelphia Grand Jury and now Hungary Kids of Hungary. Whatever next? I am fully expecting to hear about a band from Melbourne called “We Are Spanish” next. There might even be such a band already, who knows?

The band make sunny Vampire Weekend-esqe indie pop music, the sort of music that is clearly influenced and inspired by the glorious weather that the Brisbane quartet are no doubt spoiled with.

Judging by the amount of YouTube plays, I suspect they are perhaps reasonably well known down under, but they’ll be pretty new to UK peeps. At the moment anyway. They are heading over to the UK in a few weeks to do a show at the Great Escape Festival as well as a handful of dates in London. You can find further info about these shows on their MySpace page.

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