‘You Heard It Here First’ began as a student radio show back in 2007 and since leaving university, I have kept the show alive in word form by starting this blog. I love music and want to share my love for it with you all. More than anything, I love discovering new music and my aim is to bring the best new bands around to you on this very blog on a regular basis.

Don’t be afraid to hunt through the archives. I update this blog on a constant basis and each band I write about is one that deserves to  be heard. Grab a beer or a coffee and find some great music that you may not have heard before. A lot of these bands will become household names, a lot of them won’t but I take pride in writing about great bands and I’m sure you’ll love the ones I share with you. 

As well as writing about music, I like to crack (mostly bad) jokes. Yay for the internet and its lack of censorship!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. mark September 6, 2009 at . #

    hey mattie, really great to read such a positive review of the band! looks like a decent blog, will have much fun going through some of the bands you recommend!
    hope you can make it to one of the next few gigs, get a couple beers in!

    cheers again, M

  2. Emma April 6, 2010 at . #


    Just checked out the blog it’s awesome i’m a new music fan too.

    Check out the website if you fancy!

    keep up the good work


    • youhearditherefirst April 7, 2010 at . #

      Hey Emma! Thanks for the comment. It’s always nice to hear (well, read) kind words!

      I’ll check your site later on. 🙂


  3. ReadersHeaven September 22, 2010 at . #

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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