The Vaccines

4 Sep

Let’s face it, summer is not going to be with us for much longer. Before too long, we’ll be moaning about it being dark, cold and I’ll be digging out Sunn O))) records and sulking until the spring time. Some music makes more sense in the summer. I didn’t ‘get’ Surfer Blood until the sun came out. In January? It didn’t really match my pea coat, scarf and shivvery demeanor.

‘If You Wanna’ by The Vaccines is a tune that is perfect for the summer. It’s positive, uplifting and puts a smile on your face. My only gripe about it is that it’s too bloody short! That said, the tune is so good that I can listen to it three or four times in a row without getting tired of it – thus increasing the length.

To get your hands on it for free, click below. (I realise that as it’s a file, you aren’t getting your hands on it technically. It’s a figure of speech, people!)

The Vaccines – If You Wanna


2 Responses to “The Vaccines”

  1. littlemissmosher September 22, 2010 at . #

    hello. you’ve vanished off twitter??!

    • youhearditherefirst September 30, 2010 at . #

      I have indeed! It was taking over my life and I was becoming incredibly anti-social!

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