Still Corners

19 Aug

Still Corners are a beautiful dreamy 60s shimmer pop duo from London that have songs that could calm down the most hyperactive child or most aggressive football hooligan. If the shoegaze revival is real, Still Corners are a band that would end your evening. The MBV influence is one that you might be somewhat confused about because there are no spaced out guitar overdubs swirling round your brain (if you’re listening on headphones) but the melodies are as equally haunting and soothing as C86 and the like. If I was to compare them to anybody of the modern-era, the most obvious choice would be the marvellous Trailer Trash Tracys (or TTTs if you wear wicklepickers) who are part of the uber-cool No Pain In Pop.

The one struggle for me as a “journalist” or “blogger” is putting an emotional response into words that convey the love I have for great music. It is very much a cliched thing to say but you really do have to listen to the music and let it speak for itself.

To hear more tracks, I encourage you to check out their MySpace and if you’ve got some money to spend this Friday night, go to their 7″ launch at The Drop in Stoke Newington (or “Stokie” as it’s known amongst the kids these days). If you do go, you will gain lots of cool points. Gain enough of them and they can be redeemed so that you can be served a drink at The Old Blue Last without being looked down upon and believe you me, that is something that money simply can’t buy.


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