Cloud Control

3 Aug

A lot of the music that I’ve been digging lately is happy, smiley and positive music. I haven’t had a night of whiskey, wallowing and Wyan Adams for a very long time now. God forbid that I’m turning into a cheery person who thinks everything is great. Those people really irritate me.

Anyway, Cloud Control are a bunch of three Australian chaps and one chapette. Is chapette a word? Well, seeing as it’s my blog, yes it is. Don’t argue. As is becoming very common with me lately, they are a band that will make you smile. There are no minor chords involved and it is a well-known fact that minor chords equal depression. Don’t research it or anything, it is true. Trust me.

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to catch them when they were in the UK but here’s hoping that they’ll come back again very soon!  You will like this band. That’s all that needs to be said really. OK? Good. Bye!

Cloud Control – Gold Canary


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