2 Aug

Once again, the folks across that massive sink we call the Atlantic Ocean prove yet again that us Brits really need to up our game. Imagine my surprise to discover that LA five piece GROUPLOVE are unsigned and even more surprising is that they are unknown. In a world where even the most awful bands can have attract thousands of status craving friends automatically using friend adders, GROUPLOVE only have 262 friends (261 if you exclude Tom) at the time of writing. Which is an absolute travesty.

The band are originally from all parts of the world – Crete, London and Brooklyn are all name checked in their biography but the band label the City of Angels their home and their music has a very strong ‘West Coast’ vibe to it. By that I mean that it is full of sunshine. If that makes any sense. I don’t know if I am alone in this but I often associate music with seasons. Certain bands remind me of winter and others remind me of summer. I guess that comes from the moods that one gains from those seasons – generally, I am happier in the summer and I tend to feel somewhat down in the dumps when the weather turns nasty.

GROUPLOVE’s music sounds happy and it makes me feel happy and I’m sure that when you hear them, you will feel happy too. No matter what the season.

As I say. they have very little friends on MySpace at the time of writing. Go on, make them feel special. They deserve it.



One Response to “GROUPLOVE”

  1. littlemissmosher August 16, 2010 at . #

    i get the seasons thing – also the time of year i buy an album can be brought back when i listen to it. for me, for example – manics = October, the unthanks = xmas, crowded house = summer….

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