Under Alien Skies

30 Jul

Under Alien Skies a duo. Danny and David are their names. Their music is amazing. They are from Wales. They make music that reminds me of a modern day Beach Boys singing in outer space.

I listen to loads of new music to the point that, more often than not, I tend to forget about the band seconds after listening to them. Under Alien Skies on the other hand are a band that I’ve gone back to several times since hearing them – something that I view to show a band’s greatness.

Under Alien Skies – Overseas 

In an age where it’s safe to listen to our favourite music instantly on Spotify and such, it takes something truly special to pull me away from that. It can be quite painful hunting for new music at times but when there are bands making music as lovely as Under Alien Skies, it restores my faith a great deal.



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