The HeebieJeebies – Misery Guts

14 Jul

The debut single for The HeebieJeebies is called Misery Guts. I was drawn to this because, well, I can be a bit of a misery guts myself. Anyone that follows me on Twitter will know that I enjoy a good moan about anything from boredom to slow-moving people. Surprisingly though, The HeebieJeebies are not a band that one would associate with the word misery.

The Rotherham via Swindon trio play a blend of tropical indie that sounds positive, uplifting and full of summer vibes. Having been to both Rotherham and Swindon, I have no idea why this is. Both places are holes (no offence if you’re from either place) and it’s refreshing to hear a band that write music that sounds like it’s been made on the West Coast of the USA. Obvious comparisons will be made to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Born Ruffians. Which, despite being lazy journalism on my part, is true. The first Vampire Weekend record and Born Ruffians best singles respectively.

‘Misery Guts’ in particular gave me the same sense of happiness that came when I first heard Mansard Roof and Hummingbird. All around brilliance and yet another band for you to keep your eyes and ears on. Misery Guts is out on August 16th. Go and buy it you tight-fisted file loving bastards!


2 Responses to “The HeebieJeebies – Misery Guts”

  1. Lou/littlemissmosher August 5, 2010 at . #

    liking this!! i’m catching up on here today 🙂

    • youhearditherefirst August 10, 2010 at . #

      Really love it when songs/lyrics sound depressing and they’re the complete opposite!

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