Why oh why are Man Without Country unsigned?!

11 Jun

They sound like the perfect band. Psychedelic shoegaze with uplifting electro pop undertones that are as joyful as wearing a jacket you’ve not worn in ages and finding a love letter from your girlfriend inside – or, if you don’t have a girlfriend, a £10 note in one of the pockets. Although, I’d rather have the £10 note in all honesty. That buys an awful lot of Haribo.

Seriously, there is no justice in the world when bands like The Hoosiers and Keane continue to make music while bands as good as Man Without Country go unheard and unnoticed.

That said, by the looks of things, the tables look to be rightly turning for the Welsh trio (yes, ANOTHER amazing Welsh band) with the likes of Huw and Bethan at Radio 1 giving them the almighty praise that they fully deserve.

Listen to them now before they become massive. You won’t be able to claim bragging rights if you’re not quick.



One Response to “Why oh why are Man Without Country unsigned?!”

  1. Justin June 16, 2010 at . #

    For unsigned bands, check out my site, rock-or-not.com. We allow bands to upload their music and have visitors vote for or against them. It’s free to you, and I hope to make it larger with your help. If you just like listening to music, then join in on the voting.


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