Cults – Your New Favourite Band

11 Jun

Let me tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably?

Two 20-somethings from San Diego  fall in love and move to New York City to study film-making. Whilst studying, they decided to start making music together. After crafting a few songs, they uploaded a few of them to the internet to share with friends. One listen leads to another, and after only a few months—not just of having the songs online, mind you, but a few months of making actual music—their three-song debut becomes the talk of the web.

You may not be familiar with the buzz band that is Cults but believe you me, you really should. I only discovered them today and I’ve listened to the three tracks on their website over and over and over again. This seemed to do something to the grey skies that have been hovering above my town all week because thirty seconds into ‘Most Wanted’, the sun came out. 

The best part? You can download their music for free right here – a very rare thing for me to do. But to hell with it, it’s summer, it’s great music and they’re giving the music away on their site anyway so….

Cults – Go Outside

Cults – Most Wanted

Cults – The Curse

They are my new favourite band. Well, my latest favourite new band at least.


2 Responses to “Cults – Your New Favourite Band”

  1. Dr.Ross July 18, 2011 at . #

    ❤ the Cults~!

  2. Emily G February 12, 2012 at . #

    “Everybody Knows” a Leonard Cohen cover performed by Cults…what do you guys think of this one compared to the original?

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