Lanterns on the Lake

10 Jun

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the wonderful Lanterns on the Lake are from Newcastle.

It is perhaps me being stereotypical but when you think of Newcastle, you tend to think of drunken ladies, topless men in the middle of winter, kebabs being thrown at shop windows and battered toilet attendants – which apparently you win Woman of the Year for these days…

Lanterns on the Lake sound like they come a million miles away from those (stereotypical) images. Their music may not be commercial or accessible to some and in some parts it’s down right bleak but it’s also up there with the most amazing and emotional Sigur Ros tunes you’ve heard. Sure, it’s music that I will listen to when I want to wallow in my own self-pity but sod it, when music’s this good – I’ll welcome those feelings of sorrow with open arms.

Not an official video obviously…

It was only two minutes into listening to them that I instantly declared my love and they are a welcome addition to my bedtime playlist. Stunning, breathtaking music. I love them and so will you. If you don’t feel touched by Lanterns on the Lake you should go to see your GP as a matter or urgency as you clearly have no heart.


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