We Are Animal walk the walk but can they talk the talk?

8 Jun

I’ve written about the Welsh quintet We Are Animal a few times on this blog. I discovered them last year browsing through top friends on MySpace. More often than not, doing this doesn’t really get me very far. However, every once in a while, a band comes along that makes the countless of disappointments seem like a distant memory. We Are Animal are such a band.

The band hail from the land of Wales. A wonderful place full of such wonderful musical history and in recent years, it’s come up with the goods a lot more than most other hot musical locations.

I really believe in this band. I think they have tunes that sound as confident as anything Kasabian have ever done. It’s refreshing to hear a band like them. They recently played on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend (in Wales funnily enough) and judging by the videos I’ve seen of all the acts playing the stage over the weekend, they were by far the best of the bunch. They just seem to have “it”. I don’t really know what it is but their music has a confidence about it that is rare for a lot of new bands that I hear. 

Now here comes my point. So often bands have the faux arrogance that they think they need to have. You can blame Oasis for that. I’m not judging these bands because as a musician, I do it too. But in most cases (and yes, I am talking about myself here as well) the talk and cockiness is usually the only thing that a band has to go on. I mean, it’s easier to be big-headed about your music than it is to actually write music that has a god given right to justify your attitude.

We Are Animal however DO have the tunes if you ask me. They perform with such vigour and look and sound like a band that have been locked away in a rehearsal room for a very long time. Their music would warrant cockiness and I hope that the band can talk the talk as much as they walk the walk – much like Kasabian and Oasis did back in the day because We Are Animal’s tunes fully deserve such behaviour.



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