MODESTEP – Take that EMI!

3 Jun

Modestep haven’t been on the scene for very long but anyone who knows their dubstep will testify that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Their tunes are absolutely vile and disgusting as all great dubstep should be. And they don’t stop with the disgusting music either. It’s not advisable to read their Facebook and Twitter updates if you are eating or plan to eat. I’m far too much of a Hugh Grant-esqe Englishman to repeat such vulgarity here but I’ll shall give you a clue – there are lots of references to underwear and the colour brown.

One thing that struck me about Modestep when first hearing them was that whilst they tick all the boxes when it comes to dubstep, they have an arsenal of hooks and dare I say it…. commercial potential. Everyone who’s anyone will have heard Skream’s remix of La Roux by now and the likes of Rusko and Yakwob have taken popular songs and turned them into dubstep records. Modestep do the opposite. It’s as if they’re creating the nastiest dubstep out there and turning them into popular songs. 

In their short existence, they’ve already managed to come face-to-face with EMI who promptly decided to remove all versions of “Bogey Wonderland” (a dubstep take on Earth, Wind & Fire) and “Exile” – a track which borrowed from Enya. All this despite the fact that Modestep did the right thing by trying to seek clearance – which baffles me. There are thousands of remixes and tracks on YouTube that borrow samples left, right and centre. Nevertheless, the band and the army of followers were left disappointed because those tunes would never be allowed to see the light of day.

However, the Modestep ship did not go down. Instead, they went back into the studio to rework Exile to make it completely their own with no samples. I have thought long and hard at how I can rework the speech from Mel Gibson in Braveheart into this but I haven’t been able to. It’s the thought that counts though right?

Here is a snippet:

They’ve got loads of live gigs and releases in the pipeline. Keep your eyes and ears on these lot.

Modestep do a live radio show every Sunday night on their website too. If you like to end your weekend with a bit of wobble (and who doesn’t?) then tune in between 9pm-10pm.

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