Three’s a crowd…

22 Apr

One thing that frustrates me about myself is that I don’t blog enough. The reason for this is that I actually have no idea where to start. I am constantly searching and finding great new music to the point where, when it comes to blogging, I tend to fret about who/what to write about so much that I end up going numb and getting nothing written.  

If I was to compare it to anything, I would compare it to having Sky Digital. A load of channels and loads of your favourite shows are all on at one time and because of that, you end up either flicking through the channels watching nothing whatsoever in the process or watching tiny bits of each show for hours on end. That’s one of the downsides of having music on demand I guess, you tend to lose focus. 

Nevertheless, I’ve got some new acts to share with you. And here they are: 


I don’t have much info to share about Disclosure because they are pretty fresh on the scene. What I can tell you however is that they consist of two brothers (15 and 18) who make downbeat ambient dubstep that sounds amazingly mature considering their age. There’s only two tracks up on their MySpace at present but the potential is clear to see. They’re guys that I am going to keep a very close eye on. 

Get People 


I can’t take the credit for this one because I discovered Get People from the same person that I discovered Wild Palms from. Speaking of which, I recommend her blog to you because she has great taste. Now, enough with the arse kissing… 

Get People are also a baby band who by all accounts have just arrived on the London scene. I shouldn’t really make that sound like a bad thing though because the whole idea of this blog is to bring you bands very early on! Anyway, I digress. If you’ve read my blog before, you will know how difficult I find it to articulate how good a band is. No words can ever really explain the feeling music gives me. Call it lazy journalism but you can hear the delightful electronic pop trio on the link below! 


Unbunny have been around for a fair few years now (they’re releasing their fifth album in May!) but with a London show happening on May18th at The Enterprise, I thought I’d bring them to your attention as they’re tragically not that well known over here. 

Hailing from Seattle, they sound like a perfect blend of Neil Young, Elliott Smith and Neutral Milk Hotel. Their music is so beautifully lethargic, vulnerable and touching that I’m sure you’ll be left saying “how have I not heard these guys before?!” to yourself immediately after hearing them.


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