Hungry Kids of Hungary

21 Apr

When I first heard the name of these guys, I’ll be honest, I expected them to be rubbish. But, the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover” and I decided to give them a listen before dismissing them.

I was surprised because I expected them to be either a ‘silly’ band or a band who were Hungarian, and let’s face it, Hungary’s not really known for producing great bands is it? 

It turns out that they’re actually from Australia. What’s with these Australian bands and the geographical confusion that they cause? First, Philadelphia Grand Jury and now Hungary Kids of Hungary. Whatever next? I am fully expecting to hear about a band from Melbourne called “We Are Spanish” next. There might even be such a band already, who knows?

The band make sunny Vampire Weekend-esqe indie pop music, the sort of music that is clearly influenced and inspired by the glorious weather that the Brisbane quartet are no doubt spoiled with.

Judging by the amount of YouTube plays, I suspect they are perhaps reasonably well known down under, but they’ll be pretty new to UK peeps. At the moment anyway. They are heading over to the UK in a few weeks to do a show at the Great Escape Festival as well as a handful of dates in London. You can find further info about these shows on their MySpace page.


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