Brace yourself!

21 Apr

Ah Manchester. Home of Oasis, Smiths and many other High Street retail outlets. I’m joking of course. I don’t need to remind you of the great contributions to popular music that Manchester has made over the years and Ten Bears are the latest band to rise out of the city. The band are set to release their debut single ‘Braces’ on East City Records on April 26th. 
What do they sound like? Well, rather surprisingly, they don’t sound like they are from Manchester. They are a perfect mix of indie dance pop that sounds fresh, exciting and perhaps most importantly, they aren’t trying to ride on the coat tails of the city’s musical history like a lot of new bands from Manchester tend to do. In fact, I would liken them more to likes of psychedelic bands such as The Flaming Lips, Aliens, MGMT and Amazing Baby as well as sounding ready made for indie discos across the land. 

‘Braces’ is a three minute radio friendly slice of indie greatness with a chorus that’s overwhelmingly infectious to the point of driving you insane. In a good way.

Following the success of Record Store Day last weekend, one would hope that it has turned people on to buying and collecting records again. The debut 7″ single by Ten Bears is one that will be a welcome addition to your collection. Of course, if you still like your music in file form, you can get this for free after purchasing the single.
You can order the single now from East City Records.

Oh and on the subject of bears, I had to post this video:


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