It’s that time of year again…

19 Apr

Firstly, where the hell has 2010 gone? It seems like only yesterday that I was eating turkey. Well, actually, I was eating turkey yesterday because my mum took me out for Sunday lunch but that’s not the point. What I mean is, it seems like only yesterday that I was eating turkey on Christmas Day. This year has flown by.

With the sun shining, summer seems so so close. All the more exciting is the fact that the Camden Crawl is less than two weeks away. The first ‘festival’ of the summer in the UK. You know the drill, pretty much every venue in Camden puts on live music and ticket holders get access to all the venues. More importantly, the Camden Crawl takes pride in bringing new and exciting bands to their audience year on year – most of which go on to bigger and better things. Of course, it’s not just about new music, who could forget the open top Madness gig last year?

The line up this year showcases big name bands of which need no real introduction. However, being the new music obsessive that I am, I thought I would share five bands with you that I recommend you catch over the weekend. And here they are:

The Lost Levels

The Lost Levels are a wonderful Norwich based bunch who create fizzy pop-tunes. They’re not afraid of wigging out to transport you on an mini prog-journey only to set you down with a pop-twist. Their heady mix of 60’s pop marries fractious melodies and bouncy synths to create a happy escape from the current music trends.

Is Tropical

Is Tropical are a London trio that sound exactly how The Strokes would sound if they gave up on their hard-rock-Thin Lizzy routes and listened to Ratatat and Justice instead! Listening to them on MySpace is great but it is in not a match for seeing the band live. They are an absolute treat and a must see. But you should know that by now seeing as I’ve been raving about them for almost a year!


Calories are a mix of crashing guitars and killer hooks that will pound through your brain for days. They are signed to the fantastic Smalltown America label who have built up an amazing reputation in recent years – one look at their roster and you can’t deny that they have a gift at spotting talent and Calories are no exception.


Gaggle are one of the most unique acts on the bill at the Camden Crawl and if you haven’t heard or seen them yet then you really need to see them. The 20+ all girl alternative choir are both sinister and sexy. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be freaked out by them – their music is haunting, creepy and evil to the point of being genius. It may not be for everyone but if you’re a goth, you’ll probably love them and even if you’re not a goth, you can’t help but deny their originality and sheer brilliance. And if you don’t like their music, I still suggest you go and see them. If only to see their hypnotic technicolour stage attire.


Chickenhawk are a freaked out riff driven prog force who I am sure will blow away everyone from the casual beard scratchers at the back to the die hard rock heads at the front. I feel sorry for the bands that have to follow these lot. They don’t stand a chance. Oh and the band like zombies.

So there you have it. Five bands that I recommend you see at the Camden Crawl. Of course, there are so many other great bands playing this year that I’ve not written about but to list them all would take me all day and I have got things to do!

For more info, head on over to the Camden Crawl site.

*Camden Crawl Spotify playlist here.


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