Philadelphia Grand Jury

11 Apr

I first heard ‘The Good News’ back in December and it didn’t really grab me at the time. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why though. Having heard it again yesterday, I realised that the reason I didn’t like it so much the first time around was because it didn’t match the weather. 

That may sound a bit strange but I really do think that certain songs and bands are suited to certain seasons. Try listening to Massive Attack on a sunny beach and I am pretty certain that they won’t touch you and hypnotize you in the same way as listening to them on a dark gloomy November evening.

Obviously, this isn’t the same for every artist. Some artists can create a feeling of summertime excitement in your head no matter what the weather is like outside (Pet Sounds as an example) and (obviously) Led Zeppelin sound great at all times of the year but some bands just seem to make more sense at certain times of the year and match the mood that the sunshine creates. I’ve been ridiculously happy, positive and inspired in the past week or so and as a result, my ears have craved music that matches that.  

I realise that I am a) talking about the weather and b) sounding somewhat pretentious. Nevertheless, the point is, having heard ‘The Good News’ by Philadelphia Grand Jury in the sunshine this week, I’ve learnt to love it a lot more!

The duo hail from Australia (yes, Australia) and not Philadelphia as you might expect from their name. I dunno, perhaps they like soft cheese.

The sunshine induced positive vibed pop sound they have certainly makes sense given the weather in Sydney (there I go again!) and their music makes more sense to me at this time of year than when I heard them in the winter.

Their debut album ‘Hope Is For Heroes’ is out now and they are going to be in the UK in May and June playing a rather large amount of London shows and a performance at The Great Escape Festival. I’m pretty sure that they’ll make some serious waves when they arrive.

For more info and music, check out their MySpace!


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