6 Apr

Firstly, I was rather flattered and touched last night because the equally passionate Marsha from XFM said very kind words about this blog. It’s nice to get positive feedback from people who you respect and it’s a great confidence booster. Having graduated from university last year and trying to get a job in the music industry, as I’m sure you can imagine, you can sometimes get a bit down in the dumps and question whether or not you are good enough. But kind words from people who were once in your position really does make the world of difference. So thanks ever so much Marsha if you are reading thsi!

As a result of that, I have gained a lot more followers on Twitter which has hopefully brought some of you here. I feel that I should introduce myself to you if this is your first time here.

Truth be told, I don’t consider myself to be a music journalist. Honestly, I often worry that I’m selling bands short. I don’t feel that I have the articulation or creative flair to sell a band to you in word form. It feels a little bit constrictive. The term “let the music do the talking” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Of course, spend ten minutes in a room with me and it’ll be a completely different story. I’ll play you loads of new music in ten second snippets and demand you go and see the band, buy their music, buy a t-shirt, get a tattoo (OK, not true unless it’s Led Zeppelin).

So why do I have a blog? Well, the first is because I love new music. It’s an addiction. I’m constantly online hunting for music and I feel like I’m being unfaithful if I don’t seek out new bands. I’d liken it to going out drinking after work with my mates and not telling my wife that I’ll be home late (I’m not married by the way, tis an analogy).

I’ve become a bit of a tastemaker amongst my friends and I do think that it’s something that I should be doing for a living and giving my all too because of how strongly I feel about music. Whenever I am out, I am always distracted by the sounds I hear. The Shazam app on my iPhone is without doubt the best and most used application. It borders on having OCD. Which brings me on to my second reason.

My ambition is to work in A&R. I get on well with bands, I have experience of being in bands, I write songs, I connect with musicians because we share the same passion and as well as that, I just KNOW when I’ve found, seen or heard something good.

As I’m sure you can imagine, A&R jobs are scarce and competitive at the best of times but I’m hoping that this blog will also work as a portfolio for myself as well as sharing great new bands and artists with you obviously.

If you’ve been here or spoken to me before, this post will have a deja vu feel about it. I apologise. 

If this is your first time here, feel free to browse the archives. I take pride in the bands I post up here. I am not trying to be controversial by slagging off bands (what’s the point?) and I don’t ever blog about bands unless I am a fan of them myself. So you can be assured that everything on this blog comes with my seal of approval.

As I’ve always said, feel free to get in touch with me if you’re in a band or if there’s a new band in your area that you think I must hear. I’m all ears. Well, not literally, it would quite hard to type if that was the case…


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