Violet Violet

6 Apr

I remember hearing these guys about a year or so ago but cor blimey they’ve matured! The early demos I heard were good but they didn’t really have the wow factor or give me the feeling of “I must listen to them again NOW”. They sounded like a band that were playing it safe, which I find is often the case with brand new bands.

It’s a very daunting prospect to put music out there and often bands find comfort in blending in with their influences and so when you listen to them, you almost forget them instantly because there’s nothing there to really grab your attention.

However, Violet Violet sound like they’ve been working really hard in developing their sound, songwriting, style and energy. I’m a huge fan of Blood Red Shoes (their latest album is on constant repeat on my iPod at the moment) and Violet Violet’s latest single drums up the same excitement in me as the boy/girl duo.

Here’s their haunting new video for their current single ‘For The Young & Fresh Boned’ which is out now on Nrone Records.  

Keep your eyes and ears on these Norwich ladies. They’ve come on leaps and bounds in the last year and they sound all the better for it.


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