6 Apr

A mate of mine came back from SXSW a few weeks ago and considering my obsession for new music, it’s one that I am dying to go to but have been unable to do so as of yet. I’ve been bugging the people I know that went this year ever since their return about bands they saw and if they had any good ones to share with me.

The mate of mine spent the first week of his return to the UK in bed nursing his Texan hangover. Quick health tip for you: Living on a diet of tacos and tequila for five days is not recommended. Not my words, the words of my mate.

Anyway, he’s only just about returned to normality and sent me a list of bands he saw. Most of which, I had told him to go and see but there were a few bands on there that not only had I not heard but a bunch of bands that I’d not even heard of.

One of the best bands on his list that I’d not heard before was a band from Cincinnati called Pomegranates who, let me tell you, are amazing. You know when you listen to a new band for the first time with no preconceptions and they just blow you away instantly? Pomegranates are such a band.

For that reason, I am not going to tell you any more and just let you listen to them. This tune is from their current album ‘Everybody Come Outside’. It’s not an official video obviously. Well, it could be. Credit crunch and all that.

Not bad eh?

American indie has really upped its game in recent years with some hugely exciting bands emerging right now – Freelance Whales, Japandroids, Magic Kids, Bear in Heaven, The Morning Benders… I could go on.


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