Masters in France

6 Apr

Masters in France are not actually from France. They’re from Wales apparently. I know, pretty confusing.

They quite a baby band having only been together for just over a year but they sound like a rather confident bunch. If their tunes could walk, they would walk like Liam Gallagher. Ferocious tunes, disco beats, angular guitar lines and bass that makes you want to shake your ass. By ass, I mean the American sense of the word,  not the donkey. I don’t approve of animal cruelty in any way and shaking a donkey is pretty cruel if you ask me. If you’re into that sort of thing, please leave this blog because you are not welcome OK? Uh, anyway… went a bit off on one there. Apologies.

They remind me an awful lot of The Music and the lesser known (but amazing) Killaflaw. Which is no bad thing.

The next single from the Bangor five piece (‘Greyhounds’) is released on May 17th. Go and buy it boyo!


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