mynameisjohnmichael – Every Night of the Year

28 Mar

mynameisjohnmichael (no, my space bar is not broken) is a singer-songwriter based band from New Orleans who write nu-folk/indie songs that are amazingly catchy and lyrically touching.

Being an indie pop-rock band from New Orleans, a city known for its jazz and funk, can be difficult – a polished sound doesn’t always mean that you’ll break through. However, mynameisjohnmichael’s music is so infectious and uplifting that you can’t help but stop and listen. It also manages to avoid the self-indulgence that you so often hear in this type of music.

I highly recommend that you check out their (or do I mean his?) album “The People That Come and Go”.

This track is taken from the album and it’s rather good isn’t it?


3 Responses to “mynameisjohnmichael – Every Night of the Year”

  1. marsha April 6, 2010 at . #

    Hi voice reminds me a lot of Stephen Jones from Babybird’s, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned. Lovely stuff.

    • youhearditherefirst April 6, 2010 at . #

      That’s true actually! I didn’t notice that at first but you’re right! His voice reminds me a little bit of Conor Oberst too.


  1. More Bits and Pieces!! « MyNameIsJohnMichael - March 31, 2010

    […] They also posted our “Every Night Of The Year” video. Huzzah! To read the full blurb or to take another peep at our lil music vid, click here. […]

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