28 Mar

If you are an avid-reader of NME.com (no, don’t go there now! Stay here!) you may have noticed a blog article last week in which they informed everyone that a band had turned up on the back of a truck to play a set for the NME staff in the hope of getting their attention.

The band in question were a band called Headspace – an indie rock London based band who refreshingly have not disappeared into their own world of self importance like so many bands do these days. Instead, Headspace play, for lack of a better word, fun rock music that’s full of hooks, riffs and energy that I recall bands such as Eagles of Death Metal, The Enemy and the great songs Supergrass made in their early days. They don’t make it out to be anything more and sometimes it’s rather nice to see a band come along and play music that’s good without the pretentious swagger that we so often see these days. 

Annoyingly, a lot of the NME writers have adopted this attitude too in recent years and Headspace’s ballsy PR stunt was met with some stuck up remarks via Twitter during the event. I recall reading one tweet from an NME writer (who I won’t name) that said ”I’m not going outside to see them on my lunchbreak, it’s raining”, nice words. You’re supposed to be a new music journalist. A tastemaker. You’re supposed to care about music and as a result, care about bands that are working extra hard to win your attention.

In my opinion, it’s easier to be cutting and offensive when writing about music than it is to praise a band – because if you like a band that nobody else does – you’ll look foolish and uncool. God forbid what people would think when you turn up at the Old Blue Last wearing a t shirt of a band everyone else hates. Anyway, this is not an anti-NME rant so I will move on… 

The fantastic PR stunt was set up by Band Republic (the record label responsible for releasing the band’s single ‘LayLoy’ tomorrow). Band Republic is a record label like no other. It is a label that is run by the people. Fans register to the Band Republic site and they get a say in all areas of the record label process such as what band should be signed, what single should be released, when it should be released and what PR stunts should be done to promote the single (in this case, a guerrilla gig outside NME).

At the time of writing, Band Republic has over 6,000 members and should every member purchase Headspace’s single tomorrow, it will make the Top 40. The label was set up by music lovers who had become disheartened with the way in which the music industry was headed and decided that they would start a label that would get everybody involved.

Considering the Christmas number one chart battle between The X Factor and “the people”, it shows that music fans are not willing to be passive in their musical purchases anymore. Instead, they want to be active and they all proved that it is possible to make a difference when Rage Against The Machine got to number one with nothing more than a non-invested viral marketing campaign.

Incidently, if you’re in a band, check out the Band Republic website. They are always looking for new bands. It’s a record label with forward-thinking plans and it’s a label that is run by a genuine love of music.


Headspace’s single ‘LayLow’ (a song which featured on Pro Evo Revolution)  is out tomorrow and a video of the band playing outside NME can be seen below:


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