Holy Folk!

11 Mar

I must warn you, I went to see Tim Vine last weekend and have been using puns pretty consistently all week. Hence the title. Anyway, let’s crack on…

Allow myself to introduce to you a wonderful singer/songwriter from Edinburgh called Sam Taylor who goes under the name of Adelaide’s Cape. He joins the likes of Mumford & Sons, Nick Drake, Fleet Foxes and Laura Marling (having heard her second album) on the nu-folk ship that is making massive waves on the UK music scene right now.

I realise how lazy it is when describing anything remotely folky as sounding like Mumford & Sons but in the case of Adelaide’s Cape, the first thing I thought on listening to his debut EP is that he really does sound an awful lot like Marcus Mumford. But that’s not to take any credit away from Sam himself, it’s a compliment. You’d have to be a daughter of Josef Fritzl to not have heard and been touched by the amazingly brilliant Mumford & Sons record by now. Any comparison made to it is an indication that the music is question is equally as wonderful.

His long-awaited debut EP ‘Last Sleep in Albion’ was released this week on Dustbowl Records and it’s one that I am sure you will love.

It’s very easy to pick up an acoustic guitar, play a few chords and call yourself a folk artist in this day and age but it’s a completely different kettle of fish (where did that term come from by the way?!) to write heartfelt songs with beautiful melodies that command your full attention from the very first second.

He’s already played shows with great folk acts First Aid Kit, Rachael Dadd and Alessi’s Ark this year and has a a whole load more shows coming up in the coming months. Details of which, can be find on his MySpace page.

As I said, his fantastic debut EP is out now on Dustbowl Records. Buy it motherfolkers!



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