Save BBC 6music

3 Mar

6music for me is a station for music lovers. And that is right across the board – from the listeners to the presenters to the guests to the interns who lick envelopes for free, you name it, everyone involved at that station loves music and it really comes across that way. It is a pleasure to listen to.

Radio 1 is for kids. The “record buying” public. Fine. Let the kids have their music and pretty TV presenters (and Chris Moyles). I simply don’t bother listening to Radio 1 during the day anymore. Radio 2 is for people who are perhaps a little older who don’t really have a great deal of interest in music but are perfectly happy listening to Paulo Nutini and Joss Stone. What do we have for people who don’t belong in those categories? That’s right, 6music!

From a listener’s point of view, the loss will be obvious but 6music being shut down will also have a MASSIVE impact on the music industry in my opinion. It is commonly said that this country has produced arguably the best music throughout history. I still believe that a lot of great bands come out of this country but the platform for new artists is getting smaller and smaller.

Yes, we have Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and John Kennedy but they are what you would call ’specialist’ DJs. The simple fact is, there is not enough air time to promote new and upcoming artists on these shows. Zane Lowe has to play the big new releases. He gets to “big up” a couple of new bands a week. Huw Stephens and John Kennedy give a bigger view of what’s going on out there but as I say, their air time is also limited. This will mean that radio pluggers from the major labels will be able to swoop in and buy their way onto these limited playlists while the smaller labels struggle.

If bands can’t get exposure from these stations, it will kill off independent labels. It will kill off new bands. 6music gives smaller bands and labels a leg up. It brings new music to people’s attention.

I believe it costs £9m a year to run 6music. Considering that the BBC probably pay more than that to Wossy and Chris Moyles alone is bad enough but the fact that it is taking away music from avid music fans makes it ten times worse.

Andy Parfitt and Mark Thompson are so out of touch it is untrue. What are we paying these guys for really?! As well as that, I happened to catch an episode of Holby City last night. How can the BBC justify paying those wooden actors yet put legends like Steve Lamacq out of work? It’s a bloomin’ disgrace I tell thee!

So, I ask you, as a music fan to sign the petition below and pass it on to all your friends. The internet is a very powerful thing. People power can save the day. Let’s keep this station going. For the love of music. Do it!


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