Wild Yaks

20 Feb

Wild Yaks are what could accurately be described as being a buzz-band. They hail from Brooklyn (yes, I know, ANOTHER band from NYC) and are surprisingly relatively unknown to most and only really known by A&R scouts and new music bloggers such as myself. Perhaps coming from such a great city with a superb musical history can be a negative thing in that so many great bands get lost as only so many can be heard.

Nevertheless, their music is accessible and passionate, and perhaps most importantly, it’s a ton of a fun delivered by musicians that clearly put blood, sweat and tears into their performances.

They don’t strike me as being a band that play casual gigs either. I imagine they play with passion and dedication. Here’s hoping they make it over to the UK soon so I can see for myself!

At the time of writing, they have less than 2,000 friends on MySpace. Which is very surprising. They deserve to be heard, seen and adored by many many more and with a bunch of performances lined up at SXSW next month, maybe it’s only a matter of time before they are.

In the meantime though, embrace them, love them and feel great about being one of the cool few that know about them.

They’re on Spotify. Check them out!


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