Penguin Prison

15 Feb

You say the words ‘electro’ and ‘pop’ to most people and they tend to think of… well, let’s be honest, shit. I certainly do anyway. You know the sort of music I mean, the songs are robotic, repetitive, sung by a bloke in a mini skirt (Lady Gaga) and may often feature a guest appearance in a verse or two from a hip hop star who’ll throw dollar bills at the singer in the music video.  

I guess Penguin Prison can also be described as electro pop but it’s nothing like the by-numbers sugar-coated nonsense that you can’t avoid on Radio 1 on a weekday afternoon. 

The tunes I’ve heard from this NYC producer/remixer avoid going down the cheesey Ke$ha-esqe vocoder route and just sound pretty damn cool. Like a Talking Heads for 21st century. Does It Offend You, Yeah? also belong in that category by the way.

Fans of LCD Soundsystem, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Hot Chip will love him I am sure.


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