King Charles – Love Lust

15 Feb

I saw these guys briefly at Glastonbury last year but was in a bit too much of a state to really appreciate what I was witnessing at the time. I was feeling a bit worse for wear after the night before and hadn’t quite settled into the day.

I’ve realised in my years of going to festivals that the best way around this is to have a shower but, unfortunately, the showers were far too busy and I had a schedule to stick to. I’m very fidgety at festivals. I very rarely watch a whole set, I’m always running between stages and I’m always worried that I’m missing something else. I don’t understand people who can go to festivals and not be like that. For some, it’s a holiday, which is fair enough. But for others (including myself), it’s a chance to cram in as much music (oh and let’s not forget booze) as possible.

So, at the time of watching King Charles, I was feeling very wobbly. So wobbly in fact that I was more concerned about walking back to my tent without falling over in the mud and having a bunch of people who were either naked, covered in face paint or dressed up in some ridiculous costume or other shout “Wa-hey!” as I slipped over ruining my jeans and pouring warm Carling (other beers are available) over my jacket in the process.

Nevertheless, I remember King Charles playing this song and I started to feel a lot better for some reason. My head became clear. Music is therapeutic to people in many different ways and moments like that make me realise how true that is. Sometimes a song or a band can just radically shift your thoughts and mood and I don’t know why that is, but I know when it happens.

Others will hear this song and may praise it for the lyrical content, the dynamics or purely in adoration for the singer’s fantastic hair but I am praising it for the power that the melody had over me one afternoon in Somerset. It made me feel great and it made me smile.

Y’know what my only gripe about this song is? It’s too damn short.


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