9 Feb

For those of you that were upset by the news of Sigur Ros taking an “indefinite hiatus” fear not, Jonsi is here.

You may be asking yourself “who the hell is Jonsi?” at this point but you just need to hear the first line of this tune to know who I am speaking about.

Can you tell who it is yet? Yes, that’s right. Jón Þór Birgisson. Or for those that prefer it in simpler terms – that singer out of Sigur Ros. While the rest of the band are taking time off to spend time with their families, Jonsi is set to release his debut solo album (‘Go’) in April.

It’s one that I am highly excited about seeing as I’ve been a fan of Sigur Ros for as long as I can remember. Their music sends me to another place. I really can’t describe it other than that. If you’ve never been touched by Sigur Ros’ music then you have no soul.

Whilst this isn’t Sigur Ros by any means, it’s still good enough to keep die hards like myself happy.


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