Gyratory System

1 Feb

With the internet making it so easy to find new music these days, I often think that it’s easy to forget so much great music at the same time. With so music available online, I tend to skim through a lot of bands. More so than I did when I used to only hear new music by either hearing it on the radio or buying it in a record shop. Those days are long gone obviously.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the way the internet has opened my eyes and ears to new music in a way that just would not have been possible before – but the fact there is so much music available on cyberspace makes it very hard for someone like me to stay focused. By that I mean, I can name you hundreds of great bands I’ve found in the past year but I’ve probably only heard one song by a lot of these bands at the most.  

So, in a lot of instances, I’ll find a band with a tune I like, I’ll post them on here and often forget about them. Not deliberately, I will just naturally want to discover something else.

Gyratory System were a band that I heard early last year and they were one of those bands that slipped out of my memory due to the large amount of time I spend listening to new bands.

Anyway, for those that follow this blog, you may remember them appearing on a mixtape that I made for you all. I’ve just been listening to their album ‘The Sound-Board Breathes’ and feel somewhat guilty for forgetting about a band THIS good.

They make loop heavy intelligent electronic disco music in a similar way that Holy Fuck and Death in Vegas do. Layers build, tension increases and your ears are just left in a state of bleepy confusion. All you’ll want to do is shut out the outside world and dance. It says a lot when you’re asked to support 2ManyDJs by brothers Dewaele personally!

Some might argue that making electronic music is easy – all you need is a computer. Whilst that might be the case to some degree (yes, it IS possible to make electronic music on a computer alone), there are bands and producers that use production techniques to do things that no musicians can do. They create brand new sounds. They open up a whole new world of musical possibilities. These artists are pioneers. Gyratory System are pioneers.

They’ve got some music on Spotify. Add them to your playlist. You will not be disappointed.


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