Small Black

30 Jan

You may remember I posted a ‘Washed Out’ video a couple of weeks ago or so on this very blog. Do you? No? Well, that’s OK. You can always go back and find it after reading this.

Anyway, I was on YouTube (as I tend to spend most of my time these days seeing as hunting for new bands on MySpace has become rather tiresome and frustrating) looking for Washed Out music and I found this amazing remix of an upcoming Brooklyn band called Small Black. Yes, another band from NYC.

Pretty good huh?

As I sometimes hear remixes ahead of the original tune, I always think it’s fair to the artist to listen to the original as well before passing judgment on the band. It turns out that the original is even better.

Seriously, what is in the water over there? That city just keeps churning out great band after great band. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are just as many awful bands as there are great bands but can you think of any other city that has such a strong reputation? I certainly can’t.

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