Turbo Fruits

29 Jan

Turbo Fruits, led by Jonas Stein formerly of Be Your Own Pet, are a group of three rambunctious dudes.
Jonas, Matt, and Dave all live in Tennessee and can’t get enough of it.
According to the band themselves they enjoy taking their shirts off, riding and making love to motorcycles, big ass titties
and bad jokes. Quite. Don’t we all? Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

They also make great tunes. If you are a fan of Be Your Own Pet (and why wouldn’t you be?!) then you might be somewhat surprised by Turbo Fruits. They sound nothing like BYOP. That’s not to say they are worse. BYOP were a ferocious punk band.  Turbo Fruits still have the raw rock n’ roll edge to them but the focus is on songs.

Their tunes instantly attach themselves to your brain and you’ll be whistling them for hours and hours after hearing them. ‘Naked With You’ sounds like MC5 covering the Beach Boys. A compliment if there ever was one!

Now on album number two  – I expect them to grab a lot more attention over the next twelve months. Keep your eyes and ears open.

It does beg the question though, what is a turbo fruit exactly?

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