The Return of BRMC!

27 Jan

I’m highly excited about the sixth album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club after hearing the first single off of it. ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’ is the self-titled first release and if the rest of the album follows suit, the new record will be a classic.

Personally, I don’t think they’ve ever bettered their first two records. ‘Howl‘ and ‘Baby 81’ were good but they lacked the atmosphere and spirit that the first records did. Last year’s instrumental record ‘The Effects of 333’ was somewhat self indulgent and it sounded like a band that really didn’t know where to go anymore.

With Nick Jago leaving the band for the second time (or fired depending on what you read), it feels like a fresh start. The drum stool has been filled this time by previous drummer Leah Shapiro (who is also the touring drummer for the Raveonettes).

To me, it has felt like the spirit and desire has been waining in the BRMC camp in recent years – but after hearing the new single, I am hopeful and excited about album number six. Yes, album number six. Six albums in seven years. Hopefully though, this new record will be a case of quality over quantity.

In such dire times, a band like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is what we all need to pull us out of the darkness into the light.


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