27 Jan

I only used to ever listen to dubstep when I went to Fabric. It gave me a break from the pounding four-on-the-floor electro in the main room. For such a long time, I wanted to dislike it. I thought it was too slow, repetitive and boring.  As time has gone on however, I’ve started to listen to it a lot more frequently and I’ve started to like it even more.

Obviously, it’s started to become much more mainstream in the past year or so rather than just being played in dark underground clubs to wide-eyed kids in bright coloured clothing and sunglasses. Your last name must be Fritzl if you haven’t heard Skream’s remix of La Roux and Joy Orbison has been tipped by everyone to achieve big things this year. Dubstep is on the rise.

With that in mind, allow myself to introduce a brand new dubstep artist from Cardiff. I think his tunes are immense. 

If I was a dubstep DJ, I would definitely ‘drop’ this. It sounds heavy on my laptop speakers – I can only imagine what it would sound like being pumped out of the bodysonic speakers in Fabric’s main room.

Ch-ch-ch-check him out.


One Response to “Curtamos”

  1. Curtamos February 2, 2010 at . #

    Big ups!!!!

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