Daft Punk?

22 Jan

This tune has surfaced online in the past couple of days. Rumours are rife that it’s from the forthcoming Tron Legacy score – which features original music from French electro gods Daft Punk.

It does sound like Daft Punk to me. I’m sure it is. But until we know for certain, we can only speculate at this point. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing sounding tune. I am looking forward to both the film and the music but more so the music. Daft Punk do not make enough music if you ask me!

The film promises to be an epic 3D masterpiece and it’s due out at the end of 2010. Would it be sad of me to wear my Tron Adicolours to the cinema? Probably. Will I do it anyway? Yes. Probably. Why not?


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