The Brothers Movement

15 Jan

Allow myself if I may to introduce a band from across the Irish Sea. Now, I am a huge fan of all the Irish stuff. Especially their pop music. Uh… Enya and ripped up a picture of the Pope, bald chap.  

In all seriousness, The Brothers Movement (formerly known as Mainline) are a shit hot five piece from Dublin who are a mish mash of some of my favourite bands (BRMC, Jesus & Mary Chain, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Spiritualized, Black Angels and hints of early Verve) – but it is incredibly lazy of me to just throw comparisons out there because it’s one thing to be influenced by a band, it’s another to make music just as good as them. Leo Sayer likes the Prodigy after all!

Hopefully by me naming those bands however it gives you an idea of what to expect. Guitar settings are set to spacey and the gritty riffs are locked into swagger inducing grooves and moody basslines. All songs have a sense of freedom which are delivered in a psychedelic fashion with haunting vocal melodies that are both infectious and broody. God that sounds pretentious doesn’t it? Apologies.

Whilst some may argue that the music they make is too familiar to their obvious influences, that sound not be a factor when the band sound just as good. It may not be pioneering or life changing but their debut album is one that I’ve loved for a while. It is one that I can lose myself in and that’s what I love about music. Pure escapism.

Their self-titled debut album (released towards the end of last year) has been praised left, right and centre with the NME giving it 8/10. 

The band are heading out on a UK tour next month, details of which are on their MySpace page.  

Enya, U2, Sinead O’ Connor? Dere’s more to Oirland dan dis….


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