Ryan Keen

3 Jan

Ryan Keen is a brand new singer/songwriter from Devon (now living in London) who plays guitar in such a way that it’s bound to make every guitarist in the world stop and pay attention.

Ryan plays the guitar like it’s a completely new instrument – using techniques that are completely baffling even to technically decent musicians. Personally, as much as I love technical ability, it means nothing if your music has no soul (*cough* Dream Theatre *cough*). Fortunately, Ryan’s not stuck by his playing alone and has spent a long time writing great songs to go with it.

He’s a joy to witness live and a rather great guy. His debut EP ‘Aiming For The Sun’ is out now and he’s playing gigs in London on a regular basis. Check him out. You won’t be disappointed. 

For those of you that think you’re hot shit because you can play a couple of chords and solo along with Guns n Roses records, take note – Ryan Keen is the future of guitar playing. It’s time to up your game. 



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