Tips for 2010

1 Jan

At the start of the year, everyone with a laptop and an idea for new music will blog about who they think will do something this year.

I’m not sure what criteria people look for – is it a number one record? Is it to just become more well known than they currently are? Or do we expect them all to be blowing coke up their arses before the year is out and flying their favourite takeaways halfway around the world as they play to fans in China? I’m not too sure to be honest, from my point of view, it’s just a case of “I think this band could or should become a bit more well known than they are because they have cool tunes”. Pretty simple really.

I didn’t do too badly last year. Florence and La Roux were both nominated for the Mercury Prize and most of the other bands on my list made albums that made my albums of the year (Passion Pit, Telepathe, The Big Pink) and the likes of White Lies, Temper Trap, VV Brown and Little Boots now sit pretty comfortably on the daytime Radio 1 playlist (mmmm Fearne). 

Given that I am desperately trying to get a job in the music industry, it is nice to know that I kind of know my stuff! Here’s hoping that my tips for this year are as successful as last year and somebody somewhere takes full advantage of my passion for discovering new music and gives me a job before the year is out!

There’s quite a few I must warn you. With that in mind, I am going to post a few over the course of the month! It’s perhaps worth adding my blog to your favourites and coming back each and every day. Who knows? You might find your new favourite band!


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