It’s that time of year again

28 Nov

Hey everyone! In recent weeks, I’ve been listening to loads of albums in an attempt to create my ‘best albums of 2009’ list.

Now, seeing as the majority of the records being released between now and the end of the year are the token Greatest Hits and god-awful compilation records, I thought I would start my list early.

Initially, I was trying to do a top ten. That became impossible. So I extended it to a top twenty. That also became possible. It has been a great year this year and I have thought long and hard about my list. I wanted to do a list that would be looked at in ten years and still look great. I have tried to avoid trends and picked albums that I genuinely love. There are a few that may surprise you. Some obvious choices and some obscure ones. There are some obvious albums that I haven’t selected.

I am sure to face criticism for some of my opinions but I really do believe the albums that I have chosen this year would be a welcome addition to your iPod if you don’t have them already!

To make things interesting, rather than just doing a list, I am going to post an album every day throughout December. So head back here on Tuesday December 1st where the first album will be revealed!


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