Speech Debelle – a worthy worthy winner!

8 Sep

So Speech Debelle has just won the Mercury Prize for her superb debut album ‘Speech Therapy’! Not to sound smug or anything but I said this when the shortlist was announced back in July:

Speech Debelle could well become one of the biggest hip hop artists for future years if her debut album is anything to go by. The delivery and emotion in her music is overwhelming at times. Whilst it’s what you might call a hip-hop album, there’s amazing musicianship to back up the delivery – gone are the rather cliched Akai samples and processed beats and in comes a wide range of jazz and classic soul vibes. The Mercury Prize has launched a lot of artists in the past by honouring their debut albums with the prize and I can see this doing the same. She’s not the most obvious choice of winners but I certainly think she’s interesting and unique enough to claim victory.”

I am very pleased to see her win the Mercury Prize tonight. Her album is amazing and she fully deserves the award and the inevitable rise that will come to her off the back of it.

If you haven’t got her album yet then I really suggest you check it out. I think a lot of people are surprised that Florence didn’t win – but that’s become a common thing with the Mercury Prize over the years!

Some people won’t have heard of her and will be confused as to why a more well known act didn’t win but that is for another day – personally, I think the best album won this year for the first time in a long long time.  

So please raise your glasses to Speech Debelle and wish her all the best for the next journey in her career!



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