Babe Shadow

3 Sep

Babe Shadow are an unsigned baby band from London. I’d not heard of them before until the manager of NewIslands and Is Tropical informed me of them.

Firstly, they don’t sound like they are from London. Their music doesn’t remind you of dirty city life. In fact, I’d go so far as saying that Babe Shadow sound more suited to a tropical climate. Their tunes are soaked in sunshine.

I was reminded of Vampire Weekend on first listen  – although I would argue that their songs are even better. The ‘demos’ on their MySpace page sound amazing and they sound like a band that work really hard on every single tune – there’s no element of ‘that’ll do’ that is so common with a lot bands these days, everything has it’s place and everything is brilliantly crafted.

They got some gigs coming up in the next few months at some established venues (Proud, Borderline, Old Queens Head) and I’m certain that they’ll be playing festivals next summer. They strike me as being the perfect festival band. 

Fans of indie folk acts like Noah & The Whale and Belle & Sebastian will want to check them out, hell, fans of all music will want to check them out.


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