29 Aug

A.T.8 play a brand of electro pop that’s part B52s, part Madonna and part CSS. The foxy ladies make their quirky music using nothing but two guitars and a drum machine.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I quite like that Mini Viva tune. I shouldn’t. It’s probably not cool to do but it’s well written and infectious. What all great ‘pop’ songs should be. A.T.8 are the same.

I can see them ‘doing a Ting Tings’ in the next year or so. By that I mean, being very mainstream pop sounding but being cool enough at the same time to win over the NME crowd. Granted, not everyone will like them. They may be too happy for the cool kids but nobody can argue with good pop music and A.T.8 make great pop music.

Watch this space and all that jazz…



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